We are

McGovern Medical School.

Integrated Curriculum.

Our new curriculum includes a systems-based approach, integrating basic and clinical sciences and emphasizing active learning. Our students receive substantial clinical experience from the outset of their undergraduate medical education.

Diversity & Excellence.

The diversity of faculty and students is a vital contributor to provide culturally competent education and patient care, scientific discovery, and thoughtful community service. McGovern Medical School has a longstanding tradition of friendliness among students and an esprit de corps embraced by all members of the medical school community.

Wellness & Resilience.

Dedicated to ensuring the overall success and wellness of our students, we have firmly established specific programming into our curriculum that will holistically safeguard not only the mind, but also the body and spirit.

Life in the Texas Medical Center.

Pioneering medical innovation bordering on the impossible; changing people’s lives! The Texas Medical Center is home to more than 40 member institutions, working collaboratively to develop new treatment modalities and deliver world-class medical care for more than 8 million patients per year. Students at McGovern Medical School have the opportunity to work with leading TMC physicians and scientists from around the world who have dedicated their lives to better understand and combat human disease.

City of Houston.

Houston—the city with something for everyone. The fifth largest metropolitan area in the country and the nation’s most ethnically diverse, Houstonians enjoy thriving theatre and museum districts, renowned healthcare in the world’s largest medical center, world-class restaurants, a climate for year-round outdoor activities, and attractions and events that include Space Center Houston, the Houston Zoo, professional sports, international shopping destinations and much more.

“We physicians are a privileged lot — privileged to serve, to share the human drama of our patients, and to contribute to their health and well-being. To be properly educated to practice his or her art, it is essential that a knowledge of science be supplemented by familiarity with the humanities.”
— John P. McGovern, M.D.

Ethics • Integrity • Professionalism