Student Disability Accommodations – ADA

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston is committed to providing equal opportunities for qualified students with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. See the UTHealth Handbook of Operating Procedures Policy 101 for the complete policy and links to the required forms. The intent of the law is to ensure equal access to individuals with disabilities who are otherwise qualified to meet the essential demands of the program.

A student seeking accommodations must self-identify and is responsible for initiating a request in writing to the school’s Section 504 Coordinator as soon as practical. This typically occurs during the first semester of enrollment or following a new diagnosis. The 504 Coordinator will meet with the student to acknowledge the request, gather information, and explain the process. The student will complete the Request for Accommodations, and also submit the Medical Inquiry Form completed by his/her doctor or other medical professional, where appropriate. The 504 Coordinator reviews these documents with the UTHealth EEO Coordinator resulting in the Reasonable Accommodations Response Form. Once received by the student, it is up to him/her to share this information with faculty and instructors well in advance of requesting accommodations in any classes. This information remains confidential, and not part of a student’s academic record.

A student should not request accommodations directly from a faculty member. If that occurs, the faculty member should refer the student to the school’s Section 504 Coordinator and/or this policy. Faculty should not be routinely granting extra time or other accommodations to students that may claim they have a disability, rather documentation is required.

To Request Accommodations Contact the MMS Section 504 Coordinator:

USMLE Test Accommodations:

  • Students who plan to apply for accommodations for Step 1 and/or Step 2CK are encouraged to apply early
  • The NBME can take a minimum of 60 business days to review applications for accommodations
  • Reach out to Yolanda Bell and  Dr. Tara Tuchaai for help with your application for accommodations


Please see the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOOP) for further information about the policy as well as links to the application and certification forms: