Student W&R Committee

The Student Wellness and Resilience (W&R) Committee is an assembly of students representing all four years united to promote health and well-being at McGovern.  This committee convenes regularly to develop, enhance, and implement various wellness initiatives; below are some highlights.

A subcommittee that investigates systemic and institutional barriers to student well-being and advocates for meaningful change.

Emergency Preparedness Guides
Resources prepared by students to support students:

Fall Wellness Fair
An annual event with 10 stations featuring flu shots, financial wellness information, relaxation activities, nutrition assessments, fitness challenges, a service project, and more.

#McGovern Kindness
A hash-tag initiative that sparks friendly competition among McGovern Societies via donation drives, social media posts, and random acts of kindness.

McGovern Societies Review Team
A subcommittee charged to evaluate the effectiveness of McGovern Societies – the clinical faculty-led advisory groups that emphasize fostering a sense of community while delving in a variety of wellness-related topics.

This project serves to connect McGovern students through shared experiences, provide tangible solutions to common dilemmas, and positively impact the well-being of students in the clinical years.

Spring Wellness Week
A series of interactive sessions designed to boost well-being.

Social Media
Fitness, nutrition, and stress-relief strategies are disseminated to the student body through social media.  Additionally, social media serves as a conduit to share the #HumansofMcGovern project which introduces and connects members of the McGovern family with the objective of fostering a greater sense of community.  Visit us on Facebook and Instagram for inspired wellness-related content!

The Well
A monthly newsletter that serves to positively impact the well-being of the McGovern student community by highlighting a myriad of wellness-related content.  Please click below to view past issues.

Past Issues