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Contact Us – Administration

6431 Fannin Street, MSB G.400
Houston, Texas 77030

Main Office Number: 713.500.5116
Alternate Number: 713.500.5160
Fax Number: 713.500.0616

Admissions Contact
Admissions Committee Karla Trochez
Applications Karla Trochez, Kisha Kohl
Interview report Karla Trochez
Interview scheduling Kisha Kohl
JAMP Crystal Parker (Diversity and Inclusion)
Student Ambassadors Alison Garner and Hudson Seidel, MS IVs
Tours / Recruitment Kisha Kohl
Student Affairs Contact
Academic calendar/semester schedules Office of Educational Programs
Academic difficulty Drs. McNeese or Lahoti
Academic help Course directors/Pam Bass/Tutors (713/500-5140)
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society Jennifer Taylor or Dr. McDowelle
Badge activation Karla Trochez, Jamie Munsinger
Blackboard Brenda Bassham (713/500-5136)
Bluebook electives Alicia Howard (713/500-6841)
Bluebooks Jamie Munsinger or Karla Trochez
Bookstore 713/500-5860
Career counseling Steve Jones, Dr. McNeese, Dr. Lahoti
Cashier’s Office/Bursar 22nd floor UCT 713/500-3088
Commencement program/diploma names/student regalia Kendall McKee
Computer passwords and support 713/500-5145
Counseling 713/500-5171 (after hours 713/500-5173)
Dean’s Letter/MSPE Kendall McKee
Dental services 713/500-5888
Disabilities/accommodations Dr. McNeese
Educational Programs (Office of) 713/500-5140
Electives proposals – Dr. McDowelle
scheduling (UT students) – Steve Jones
Emergency Dial *9 911 then HELP (4357) from campus phones starting with 500-
Emergency Loans Dr. McDowelle or Financial Aid
ERAS Kendall McKee or Steve Jones
Escort – Security (leaving bldg. at night, etc.) 713/792-2890
Excused absences Dr. McDowelle AND course director
Financial Aid 713/500-3860
Financial Aid – Med School liaison Dr. McDowelle
Fourth-year scheduling Steve Jones or Dr. McDowelle
Freshman Retreat Jennifer Taylor, Dr. McDowelle, Kara Ramirez
Graduation Jennifer Taylor or Dr. McDowelle
Health Insurance Auxiliary Enterprises – 713/500-8400
Library – TMC 713/795-4200
Lockers Yolanda Clay Bell
LRC (Learning Resource Center) 713/500-5145
Master Advisors Jennifer Taylor or Dr. McDowelle
Needlesticks 713/500-OUCH (24/7)
NRMP Kendall McKee or Steve Jones
One45 Dr. Ownby (713/500-5131)
Parking Karla Trochez, or TMC (713/791-6161) or MMS (713/500-3405)
Police – UT (campus police) 713/792-2890
Rec Center (Knight Road) 713/500-8420
Registrar’s Office 713/500-3388 or 3336
Room reservations 713/500-5047/5048)
Security Desk (ground floor MSB) 713/500-5895
Student Counseling Service 713/500-3327
Student Health Clinic – 130 UT Prof. Bldg. 713/500-5171 – non-life threatening emergencies call 713/500-5173
Student mailboxes Jamie Munsinger
Student organizations Yolanda Bell
Student records (bluebooks) Jamie Munsinger
Study skills/time management/learning style Pam Bass (713/663-6868) NOTE: Contact Student Affairs for referral.
Third-year scheduling Steve Jones
TMC Parking Office 713/791-6161
Tutors 713/500-5140
USMLE (strategy or policy issues) Drs. McNeese or Lahoti, Dr. McDowelle
UT Prof. Bldg. Parking Office 713/500-3405
Verification of enrollment Jamie Munsinger, Jennifer Taylor, Yolanda Clay Bell
Visiting students Jamie Munsinger
White Coat Ceremony Jennifer Taylor or Dr. McDowelle
Email Us
  • Margaret C. McNeese, M.D.
    Vice Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
    Phone 713/500-5163
    Chief responsibility for Admissions and Student Affairs
  • Wallace A. Gleason, M.D.
    Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
    Phone 713/500-5662
    Admissions, JAMP
  • Sheela L. Lahoti, M.D.
    Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
    Phone 713/500-5163
    Career counseling, academic difficulty, USMLE
  • Latanya J. Love, M.D.
    Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
    Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
    Phone 713/500-6054
    Admissions, recruitment, USMLE
  • Pedro Mancias, M.D.
    Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
    Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
    Phone 713/500-6054
    Admissions, recruitment, retention
  • Charles M. Chassay, M.D.
    Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs
    Associate Dean for Alumni Relations
    Phone 713/500-5240
    Admissions, recruitment, alumni relations
  • Pamela Bass, M.A., C.C.C.
    Learning Specialist – Adjunct Faculty
    Phone 713/663-6868
  • Dana M. McDowelle, M.S., Ph.D.
    Director of Admissions and Student Affairs
    Phone 713/500-5160
    Master Advisors, liaison with Financial Aid/scholarships,
    excused absences, Organization of Parents and Friends,
  • Hanna Ghirmay
    Phone 713/500-5033
    McGovern Societies, Residency
  • Yolanda Clay Bell
    Senior Executive Assistant
    Phone 713/500-5165
    Contact for appointments with Drs. McNeese or Lahoti
    Student Organizations
  • Karla Trochez
    Senior Support Specialist
    Phone 713/500-5116
    Admissions, Front Desk, Admissions Committee, Interview Day
  • Stephen Jones, M.S.
    Training Specialist II
    Phone 713/500-5158
    Career and Residency Counseling
    Third- and Fourth-Year Scheduling
  • Kisha Kohl
    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone 713/500-5642 Admissions, Interview Scheduling
  • Kendall McKee
    SeniorSupport Assistant
    Phone 713/500-5166
    Dean’s Letters, National Resident Matching Program, ERAS, Commencement
    Program/Diplomas/Student Regalia
  • Jamie Munsinger
    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone 713/500-5167
    Proctors, Visiting Students, Student Files, Student Mail, Verifications, Examination Proctor Program
  • Jennifer Taylor
    Executive Assistant
    Phone 713/500-5163
    AOA, Commencement, Master Advisory Program, Orientation, Student Organizations
  • Kara Ramirez
    Administrative Assistant III
    Phone 713/500-5036
    Finances, Purchasing, Accounting, Travel