Elective Courses

To officially enroll in all electives, you must add courses to your schedule through open enrollment.

myUTH will open and be available for you to begin self-enrolling in your electives on 3/27/2024. Do not contact the course coordinators before open enrollment begins.

You should aim to have the majority of your courses on your schedule in myUTH by 4/26/2024. You will be able to add/drop courses continuously from the time open enrollment begins up until the start of Block 14A.

Add/Drop General Information
Registration for add/drops will be done via the myUTH system. All course changes (ADD and DROP) require department approval prior to making any changes.

  • ALL add/drop requests must be submitted via the MS4 Portal. Log in to the portal to request the appropriate department for a permission code to add the course to your schedule.
  • A permission number is required to add a course in the myUTH shopping cart.
  • A permission number is not required to drop a course; however, you must request and be granted permission from the course coordinator via the MS4 Portal to drop a course.
  • Drop permission and add codes must be obtained directly from the department’s course coordinator.
  • View a step-by-step guide for adding/dropping courses via myUTH from your schedule.
  • NOTE: You will only be allowed to drop a REQUIRED course (APC, RCC, AMBULATORY) if you already have another block to add to your schedule. You cannot drop now with a plan to add later on.

Important Information

ALL requests for changes must be made via email. No codes will be given over the phone – none. No exceptions.

  • Requests for schedule changes must be submitted 2 weeks preceding the course start date. Non-emergency requests after the 2-week mark will most likely be denied.  Changes after the deadline will only be considered in the event of an emergency, such as the death of family member, hospitalization, etc. (these may require documentation).
  • Make schedule changes promptly! All codes and permissions have an expiration date. If you change your mind, be courteous to your fellow students and inform the coordinator as soon as possible. Others may be waiting for that spot.

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