Mastersons-WhiteCoatPortrait Twins set sights on lifelong medical school dream

It would seem like the idea attending medical school was written in the DNA of twin sisters Kelly and Wylie Masterson.

Students explore ethical, patient issues with help from silver screen

A group of McGovern Medical School students is using the power of film to spur discussions about humanities and medicine as part of a Blue Book Elective series offered by the McGovern Center for Humanities & Ethics.

Research Stock Photo Dean’s Research Awards Ceremony set for Sept. 19

The 2018 Dean’s Research Award Ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. Sept. 19 in the Fifth Floor Gallery to honor this year’s recipients for their outstanding research and academic accomplishments.

Group Sessions

Never underestimate what studying or asking questions in a group can do – students across campus are making good use of the new lighting in the Leather Lounge to tackle their coursework. With 240 students in the Class of 2022 alone, there’s no shortage of people to study with.

Seeking Residencies

McGovern Medical School students had the opportunity to learn about family medicine residency programs in the Texas Medical Center and abroad as part of the Family Medicine Residency Fair in the Leather Lounge Aug. 28. Representatives from a variety of institutions were on hand to meet with students and discuss their programs.

Hit the Books

McGovern Medical School students are hitting the ground running this year, studying when, where, and however they can. This year, the school welcomed 240 new students as part of the Class of 2022 with an average GPA of 3.83 and average MCAT of 511.

NIHGrantMSTP NIH awards prestigious grant to UTHealth program

The National Institute of Health awarded UTHealth a prestigious multiyear Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) grant, as four students from McGovern Medical School embark on a rigorous seven-year program to earn both a medical degree and a doctoral degree.

Young students Using BRAINS in a Big Way

Dr. Louise McCullough, professor and Roy M. And Phyllis Gough Huffington Distinguished Chair of the Department of Neurology, hosted “Camp McCullough” this summer, in which she and the BRAINS Research Laboratory provide college and high school students a summer research opportunity that aims to instill a lifelong love of translational research.  Students spend up to ten weeks working with faculty members in her group on research projects. Participants in the program take part in seminars, lab meetings, clinical shadowing, and social events, creating a cohesive and supportive community. At the end of the program, students give presentations on the research techniques they learned and get valuable feedback from students, postdocs, and faculty. The students often return to the lab as graduate and medical students, and over 90 percent of the participants enroll in MD, PhD, and MD/PhD programs throughout the US. 

Gold Humanism Inductees Gold Humanism Honor Society members want to expand presence on campus

Leaders of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) know they have an important mission in fostering a sense of humanism and altruism for themselves and other medical students and professionals. That’s why the latest members are exploring ways to expand the society’s involvement at McGovern Medical School for the coming school year and beyond.

2018-19SchweitzerFellows Five students named Albert Schweitzer Fellows

Five students from McGovern Medical School have been selected as part of the 2018-19 class of Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Houston Galveston (ASFHG), joining approximately 300 other fellows nationwide.