PSQC Projects

PSQC projects are focused quality improvement initiatives intended to assist children’s hospitals on shared quality improvement goals. Our projects target opportunities ripe for improvement in common surgical procedures in children and youth.

How does a project get started?

We have two project tracts. The first tract are projects built on existing data from the NSQIP SAR. These are identified through member interest, what would have the most impact, and feasibility of the project (i.e. is it a Quality Improvement project or something else? Can it be done relatively easily with no extra data collection requirements?) After a topic has been identified, SARs are reviewed by the PSQC team to determine if there is some consistency in how PSQC member hospitals perform. If the project is assessed to be feasible, a project lead from among PSQC member hospitals is identified and then individuals from member hospitals are invited to join a workgroup. Read the full PSQC NSQIP Based Project FAQ  for additional information.

Our second tract projects are built through pilot project ideas generated by our member hospitals. These projects are considered Pilot projects which can use existing NSQIP data along with additional data variables collected via custom fields in the NSQIP data portal SCRs use to submit data to NSQIP. Pilot project proposals are submitted via REDCap and reviewed by the PDIC on a quarterly basis. The pilot project submission portal is here. Projects which meet basic review criteria are further vetted by the PDIC for impact and importance.

Pilot project proposals which are highly efficacious yet lack sufficient impact (seldom performed procedures for instance) may not receive support from the PDIC. Projects deemed appropriate for the PSQC to consider are recommended to the PSQC Executive Committee (EC) for final review. The EC will review and make final decisions on which projects to actively pursue. For additional information on this project tract, read the full PSQC Pilot Project FAQ.



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