Center for Surgical Trials and Evidence-based Practice (C-STEP)

The Center for Surgical Trials and Evidence-based Practice (C-STEP) at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) is a multi-disciplinary program designed to advance evidence-based practice in surgery by providing young faculty and surgical trainees with formal training in clinical research, mentorship, resources, and funding to perform high quality research.

The goals of C-STEP are:

  • To foster and develop surgical faculty, staff, and trainees (including medical students) interested in clinical research.
  • To advance the surgical evidence base and its application in clinical practice.

C-STEP provides program to medical students, surgical residents, and young surgical faculty including:

  • Fellowship in Clinical Research
  • Advanced Degree Programs
  • Focused Research in Surgery for Medical Students
  • Clinical Research Lecture Series
  • Clinical Research Roundtables
  • Pilot Grant Programs
  • Surgical Journal Club
  • Clinical Research Symposia
  • Research Network