CT Scan Pre-Op Utilization in Complex Appendicitis

Children are at greater risk than adults at developing cancer after exposure to ionizing radiation. When a child or youth presents to the hospital with symptoms that are consistent with acute appendicitis, most emergency departments will want to confirm this diagnosis using some form of imaging. This project is aimed at reducing the use of CT scans in favor of imaging modalities recognized as best practice in pediatric patients.

Coaching Sessions:

We are conducting monthly coaching sessions between our Peer Coaches and PSQC member institutions who want to work on reducing their use of CT scans in acute appendicitis. These sessions are voluntary. Participants have agreed to have the sessions recorded and available for others’ benefit. As these sessions are frank conversations, we are not posting them as open access like other webinars on our website. For access to the recorded coaching sessions, please email Terry Fisher, Program Manager, at terry.fisher@uth.tmc.edu. She will be able to assist you.

Implementation Guide:

  • PSQC CT Reduction Implementation Guide*



  • IHI Toolkit*
  • TDF Definitions*
  • NSQIP Data Collection Guide*
  • CT Utilization Interview Guide*



*Please contact Terry Fisher to request presentation slides.


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