How to Apply

Applicants will be accepted through the APPIC Match process. The ideal applicant has experience with both child and adult clients, has significance with both assessment and evidence-based interventions, and is seeking a program that emphasizes evidence-based practice. UTHDPIP emphasizes diversity in training and in the recruitment of both interns and staff. We strongly encourage persons who are culturally or individually diverse to apply, including persons of diverse racial or ethnic background, those with disabilities and persons who identify as gay or lesbian, transgender or other sexual orientation, gender identity or presentation.

For the 2021-22 academic year (starting July 1, 2021), seven intern positions are anticipated, with a stipend of $30,000 plus benefits.

The match ID number for our program (seven positions for 2021-22) is 229411. Applicants for the 2021-22 year should apply through APPIC.

Application date for the 2021-22 class is November 1, 2020.

Interview dates for fall 2020 will be conducted remotely by video. Expected interview dates are December 4, 7, 11, 14, and 18.