Frequently Asked Questions

PGY-1 Applicants

  • How many interns are you accepting?
    We anticipate accepting 20 interns for the upcoming academic year.
  • Do I need to submit my application electronically?
    Yes, we only accept applications that are submitted through the Electronic Residency Application Service “ERAS” (
  • How many letters of recommendation are required?
    At least three.
  • Do you accept applications outside the Match system?
    No, all of our PGY-1 positions will be filled through the National Residency Matching Program “NRMP.”
  • Is there a cut-off date for graduation from medical school?
    No. We consider each application on an individual basis. However, length of time away from clinical practice is considered.
  • The ERAS application asks me to include a personal statement. What type of information should I include and how long should it be?
    The personal statement should be about 500 words in length. Tell us a little bit about yourself – your interests, experiences and aspirations. It would also be helpful to describe your reasons, both professional and personal, for choosing the field of psychiatry.
  • Is there additional information that I should include in my application beyond what is required by ERAS?
    If you are part of a couples match, please let us know the name and specialty of the other person. Also, let us know if you are interested in being considered for the Research Training Program or the Child Fast Track Program. This information can be included in your personal statement.
  • Is there a deadline for submitting applications?
    We have no formal deadline for the submission of applications, but when our available interview slots have been filled, we no longer read applications. This includes applications that arrived early but were incomplete.

Graduates of non-U.S. medical colleges

  • Do I need an ECFMG certificate in order to apply?
    Yes, unless you have not yet graduated from medical school. If you have graduated, you must be ECFMG certified at the time you submit your application in order for us to read your application and decide whether to grant you an interview. We request that you submit a copy of your ECFMG certificate with your application.
  • Do you sponsor visas?
    We accept applicants on J-1 visas granted through the ECFMG office.
  • Do you have international medical graduates in your program?
    Yes, we do.