Message from the Director

Dr. Vineeth John geriatric psychiatryTo teach is indeed a privilege. A teacher has the power, almost mythical in scope, to wake up the dormant minds of the students and inspire them to excel as learners. Each student is an ocean of untapped potential. Similarly, each moment in class or clinic is a teachable moment with unlimited possibilities. Teaching nourishes the intellect and replenishes the soul. I teach so that I can inspire and also be inspired. Learning being an active process, the learner needs to be engaged and challenged by the teacher. The student, in turn, stretches the teacher’s capabilities, thus creating a vibrant learning environment. I try to push my students to think independently and not be satisfied with just mediocre performance. With regular, sustained feedback and consistent practice, one can break the shackles of mediocrity. All through my career as an academic psychiatrist, I have focused on creating a learning environment free from fear and intimidation, but enriched with openness and innovative thinking. I am convinced that such an environment lends itself to becoming a fertile substrate for extraordinary educational accomplishments. For example, a casual remark during the clinic or in the midst of a lecture could transmute into an exceptional scholarly product. I am always on the lookout for such magic. That’s why I teach.

Vineeth John, MD, MBA