Trauma- Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training (TF-CBT)








TF-CBT is an evidence-based treatment to help children and adolescents recover after trauma. TF-CBT is a structured, short-term treatment model that effectively improves a range of trauma-related outcomes in 8-25 sessions with the child/adolescent and caregiver. It also effectively addresses many other complex problems associated with trauma, including affective (e.g., depressive, anxiety), cognitive and behavioral problems, and improves caregiver’s personal distress about the child’s traumatic experience, including effective parenting skills and supportive interactions with the child. 

Why Become Certified in TF-CBT?  

Becoming certified in TF-CBT is a rewarding and valuable experience. While basic online or live training offers some insights, it often results in clinicians reverting to their familiar approaches. To sustain TF-CBT, ongoing supervision, consultation with experts, or participation in learning communities is crucial. Taking part in the TF-CBT Learning Collaborative offered through the Nurturing Resilience Initiative provides an initial online introductory training through the Medical University of South Carolina, a two-day in person training with a TF-CBT National Trainer, and on-going group consultation calls for up to a year, all free of charge to therapists in Fort Bend County. These experiences help clinicians identify and overcome implementation challenges, develop creative strategies, and ensure model fidelity. Expert guidance instills confidence, promoting consistent and effective model usage. Additionally, TF-CBT Therapist Certification meets the growing demand for certified therapists, enhancing their visibility for child welfare organizations, mental health services, educators, parents, and more.  

Cost: Free to those who meet eligibility requirements 

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