Journal opens discussion on medical education

By Roman Petrowski, Office of Communications

Dr. Salih Selek - Medical Education Journal Creator
Salih Selek, MD

A new journal aiming to serve as a discussion floor for people from different backgrounds of medical education has been created by Salih Selek, MD, professor in the Louis A. Faillace, MD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Selek created Teaching in Clinics as a platform for discussion for people from backgrounds such as education, medicine, sociology, public health, and psychology of education. The open-access journal focuses on topics such as undergraduate and graduate medical education, andragogy, patient education, innovations in learning, health and teaching policies, and more.

Teaching in Clinics was a significant endeavor driven by the recognition of the evolving landscape in medical education, especially the ongoing innovation in teaching methods to prepare future healthcare professionals for patient needs,” Selek said. “Despite the diversity of expertise within the Texas Medical Center, there is currently no locally established publication platform to address these issues. By establishing this journal, I aimed to provide a platform for educators and researchers to collaborate, share their insights, and discuss emerging challenges in medical education.”

Selek began the process of creating the publication by outlining the scope of the journal, including an emphasis on inclusivity, innovation, and open access. Then, after collaborating with Bepress and the Texas Medical Center Library, he created a user-friendly submission and review platform to ensure publication of the journal aligns with the policies and mission.

The semi-annual journal will publish various types of manuscripts, including original articles, short communications, innovation, reviews, editorials, and news, specifically welcoming submissions that address innovations in education, health education policies, and more.

In an effort to reach the largest possible dissemination of the information in the journal, Selek has decided that Teaching in Clinics will be open access without any charges. Additionally, Selek plans to spread awareness of the journal through printed material and social media networks

“Overall, Teaching in Clinics is committed to advancing medical education through rigorous research, open access, and a collaborative spirit that welcomes contributions from educators and researchers worldwide,” Selek said. “I look forward to being a valuable resource for the medical education community.”

The latest issue of Teaching in Clinics is available now and can be found here. To submit an article for the journal, contact Selek at