McGovern Hosts 2024 Health Career Collaborative Finale

By Roman Petrowski, Office of Communications

Health Career Collaborative Finale

Co-directors of the Health Career Collaborative
Co-directors Alicia S. Lore and Juan A. Garcia

The Student Educational Outreach Committee at McGovern Medical School welcomed students from Cesar Chavez High School and Yes Prep East End High School for the 2024 Health Career Collaborative Finale on May 3.

The event is a culmination of a yearlong program aimed at inspiring and educating high school students about careers in health care.

The HCC Finale featured a full day of engaging activities led by student mentors at McGovern Medical School. High school students presented their yearlong research projects, showcasing their hard work and dedication to one public health topic of their own choosing aimed at teens and focused on prevention.

The high school students then had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of anatomy with a visit to the anatomy lab, where they learned fun facts about organs and gained insights into their functions and structures. Additionally, the students were able to attend workshops on casting, splinting, and suturing, which provided practical experience in essential medical skills.

The Health Career Collaborative is designed to foster mentorship and encourage high school students to consider healthcare careers. Throughout the year, McGovern Medical School students host monthly sessions at their respective schools. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from medical specialties to healthcare pathways.

The 2024 HCC Finale concluded with additional project presentations and a student panel. As the school students continue their educational journey, events like the HCC Finale play a crucial role in shaping their aspirations and preparing them for rewarding careers in healthcare.

“The HCC program is an amazing opportunity for us medical students to engage and expose first-generation students to a career in medicine,” said Juan A. Garcia, MS3, 2023-24 co-director of the Health Career Collaborative. “Our work is impacting future generations of students by creating avenues for them to explore careers which they wouldn’t have otherwise. This is why I have loved working with HCC and hope to continue being involved throughout the rest of my time here at McGovern.”