OCB Event Procedures

To Request Audio-Visual and/or Interactive Video Technical Support for events taking place at OCB building, please follow these procedures:

  • Include Technical Support request in your Event Request form via Astra Schedule
  • Send details of Technical Support request to ms.deancops@uth.tmc.edu

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (closed on UT Holidays).  Events that take place outside of normal business hours may acquire fees.

AV support is not guaranteed without written confirmation.

Click here to reserve the following rooms at OCB using Astra Schedule:

Conference Rooms:

  • OCB 1.290 – Hill Country Room (10+ attendees – Whiteboard – Projection Screen) – (Room Currently Unavailable)
  • OCB 1.300 – Longhorn Room (20 attendees – Whiteboard – Projection Screen)
    • Remotes “checkout” information:  Located in OCB 1.230, contact Tara Wandel at tara.s.wandel@uth.tmc.edu or at (713)486-2232
  • OCB 2.200 – Rio Grande (75 attendees – Whiteboard – Projection Screen – Projector)
    • Remotes “checkout” information:  Located in OCB First Floor Visitors Lobby, Email FixIt@uth.tmc.edu or call Fix IT line at (713)500-3498.

If additional tables and/or chairs are needed in your area, please contact the Fix It line at (713) 500-3498 or FixIt@uth.tmc.edu to have our Maintenance Team deliver and pick up temporary tables and/or chairs when needed.  MANDATORY Requirement:  When requesting an OCB room, you are responsible to schedule Housekeeping & include time in your reservation for Housekeeping to clean after each event.

  • NO furniture is to be removed from rooms without approval from Fix IT.
  • No unauthorized use of the room.  Confirmed reservations via schedule.uth.tmc.edu mandated prior to use of the room.
  • NO TAMPERING with AV equipment. Including both sound & podium.

For A/V Assistance please call 713-500-5048 Monday through Friday.  We are off site and will need at least one week notice to address AV requests.

A/V Trouble Shooting Tips:

  1. Make sure the projector is turned on.
  2. Make sure the projector is on the computer input by pressing the computer input button on the remote.
  3. Make sure the VGA cable is connected to the computer.
  4. Make sure that you press the Function key and F8  key on the computer. Then click “duplicate” on your computer to duplicate your image.
  5. If the microphone is not working, make sure it has a fresh set of batteries.

Last modified: October 03, 2017