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Room Contacts for Other Areas

Rooms Managed & Scheduled by Other Areas


Thank you to Everyone for your patience, your support and working with our team during the CoVID19 crisis. We appreciate each of you. Please know that we are continuing to monitor the University’s
updates to stay current with policies and procedures. 

Departments may be charged up to $250 per instance for sponsored events not following room use and policy guidelines as shown on Policy & Procedures page.

Please Wash Your Hands Frequently
Use Hand Sanitizer Before/After Touching Surfaces in Public Areas
Not Fully Vaccinated? Please Wear a Mask & Practice Social Distancing
Stay Informed & Help Save Lives

Conference Operations encourages all meetings to continue to offer attendees virtual access to their events via WebEx whenever possible.

Room Contact Chart

Bldg. Room # Department # Seats Contact Information
MSB 1.150 Internal Medicine (Kirkendall) 12-15 Megan Aston, ext. 6507
MSB 2.024A&B Pathology 35 total Bheravi Patel, ext. 5309 or ext. 5301
MSB 3.028 Pediatrics (Chairman’s) 25 Karla Brandau, ext. 5701
MSB 3.216 OB/Gyn (Griff Ross) 12 Eugenia Montalvo, ext. 6412
MSB 4.100 IBP Elizabeth Pecina, ext. 5470
MSB 4.152A Surgery–Plastic 10/12 Cassandra McGraw, ext. 7200
MSB 4.169A Surgery 12/10 Cassandra McGraw, ext. 7200
MSB 5.036F Otorhinolaryngology 12-15 Dena Alexander, ext. 5414
MSB 5.168 Anesthesiology 12/16 Guille King, ext. 6202
MSB 5.500 Renal Alison Randazzo, ext. 6880
MSB 6.200A Biochemistry 14 biochem.office@uth.tmc.edu
MSB 7.037 & 7.046 NBA Rooms 60+ & 20+ Send email request
MSB Labs (2nd Floor) Student Labs (4 labs) various UTHealth Resource Scheduler
JJL various Non-UT rooms TMC Library (online) various http://www.library.tmc.edu
JJL various UT conference rooms Jesse Jones Library various UTHealth Resource Scheduler
SON various School of Nursing various UTHealth Resource Scheduler
MHH various Memorial Hermann Catering various 713-704-1119
DDB 207 School of Dentistry 377 Lynette Lewis, ext. 4026
SRB(IMM) various SRB(IMM) various UTHealth Resource Scheduler
LBJ various LBJ UT Annex Rooms various UTHealth Resource Scheduler

Jesse Jones Library Room Information

Schedule rooms online Contact Liz Hickman for more information at 713-795-4200, ext. 106.

All other Classrooms

Street Level Classroom directions: Go into the front Library doors and take back stairwell down the stairs. Make two lefts to enter the classroom.

Street Level Classroom includes: instructors station with integrated projector SmartBoard and  24 workstations with computers.

Street Level Conference Room includes: Seats 18 comfortably around a large conference table plus 25 around the walls. One instructor’s workstation with internet connectivity, integrated projector SmartBoard, and Microsoft Office Suite.


Link for Conf Ops Use ONLY:  MMS UTHealth Scheduler Cloud Quick Guide