Dr. Toh received his Ph.D. in structural biology from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Toh researches advanced therapeutic options like targeted therapy – antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). He focused on cutting-edge research and development in peptibody-drug conjugates (PDCs), which is attached the toxic payload via a cleavable linker to a chimeric protein comprising a biologically/pharmacologically active RSPOs fused to the constant region (Fc)of antibody. R-spondins are a group of four related secreted proteins (RSPO1-4) that play critical roles in the normal development and survival of adult stem cells. RSPOs function as ligands of LGR4-6 to potentiate Wnt signaling and support stem cell growth. RNA seq analysis shows that LGR4 was upregulated in most colorectal cancers, and LGR5 was also highly upregulated in most GI cancer cases. His work also is developing immunoconjugates that can be used for Dual-targeting with antibody engineering with tumor immunotherapy as well as for the treatment of other diseases by bispecific antibodies, making novel strategies and innovative therapeutics for the treatment of cancers.


Development of anti-LGR4-6 peptibody-drug conjugates

Bispecific antibody (BsAb) ADC development

Mechanistic understanding of the Wnt signaling in human Wnt-related diseases


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