IMM Seminars

Unless otherwise specified, all seminars will be held at 11 AM in the Beth Robertson Auditorium at IMM (1825 Pressler, Room 104).

September 8, 2023
Host: Mikhail Kolonin
Richard Cox
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: Quantitative Pancreatic Beta Cell Regeneration and Aging
September 22, 2023
Host: Jiaqian Wu
Martin Paukert
UTHealth San Antonio

Presentation title: Astroglia as Reliable Intermediaries of Noradrenergic Signaling
September 29, 2023
Host: Mikhail Kolonin
Pooja Shivshankar
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: The role of Complement in Inflammation and Immunity
October 6, 2023
Host: Mikhail Kolonin
Anthony Donato
University of Utah

Presentation title: Age-related Endothelial Senescence: Mechanisms, Consequences and Potential Solutions
October 20, 2023
Host: Vihang Narkar
Andrea KH Stavoe
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: Regulation of WIPI2 Phosphorylation to Restore Autophagosome Biogenesis in Aged Neurons
October 27, 2023
Host: John Hancock
Peter Doris
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: Genetic variation affecting B cell function drives end organ injury in hypertension
November 3, 2023
Host: Vihang Narkar
Laszlo Nagy
All Childrens Hospital JHU
Presentation title: Harnessing the healing power of macrophages: a journey Aided by epigenomic and high-dimensional biology approaches
November 10, 2023
Host: Xin Ge
Pete Tessier
University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

Presentation title: Simplifying complex antibody engineering using machine learning: from antibody drug development to brain delivery of bispecific antibodies
November 17, 2023
Host: Zhiqiang An
Kai Xu
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: Structural Insights for Pandemic Preparedness: Decoding Henipavirus Glycoprotein Functions and Antigenicity.
December 1, 2023
Host: Mikhail Kolonin
Nathan LaBrassaeur
Mayo Clinic

Presentation title: Targeting Senescent Cells for Healthy Aging
December 15, 2023
Host: Kristin Mahan
Evan Rosen
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Presentation title: Adventures in Adipose Tissue Biology
January 5, 2024
Host: Qingchun Tong
Long-Jun Wu
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: Neuroimmune Interaction in Health and Disease
January 12, 2024
Host: Ashish Kapoor
Margaret Goodell
Baylor College of Medicine

Presentation title: Stem cell competition in the aging hematopoietic system
January 19, 2024
Host: Zhiqiang An
Gary Kobinger
University of Texas Medical Branch

Presentation title: The current world of biosafety level 4 R&D: surveillance, vaccines and therapeutics
January 26, 2024
Host: John Hancock

Rick Wetsel
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: 28 Years of Discovery at the IMM—Research Highlights and Historical Perspectives
February 2, 2024
Host: Mikhail Kolonin
Andreas Beyer
Medical College of Wisconsin

Presentation title: Non canonical role of Telomerase – lessens learned from Coronary Artery Disease applied to Cardio-oncology
February 9, 2024
Host: Vihang Narkar and Kristin Eckel-Mahan
Karyn Esser
University of Florida Gainsville

Presentation title: The muscle clock and exercise: partners in health
February 16, 2024
Host: Ali Azhdarinia
Martin Schnermann
National Institute of Health

Presentation title: TBD
February 23, 2024
Host: Eva Sevick
Melissa Aldrich
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: Debunking Myths with Lymphatic Imaging
March 1, 2024
Host: Mikhail Kolonin

Daniel Lieberman
Harvard University

Presentation title: “Why Exercise Is Medicine? An evolutionary explanation for the effects of exercise on metabolism, inflammation and other physiological processes that affect aging and disease”
April 5, 2024
Host: Mikhail Kolonin
Aaron An
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: TBD
April 12, 2024
Host: Sheng Pan
Daniel Figeys
University of Ottawa, Canada

Presentation title: TBD
April 19, 2024
Host: Sarah Huang
Jason Spence
University of Michigan Medical School

Presentation title: TBD
May 3, 2024
Host: Wenliang Li
Qianben Wang
Duke University

Presentation title: TBD
May 10, 2024
Host: Qingyun Liu
Ali Azhdarinia
UTHealth Houston

Presentation title: TBD
May 31, 2024
Host: Ningyan Zhang
Weiping Zou
University of Michigan Medical School

Presentation title: TBD

Questions regarding The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine’s Seminar Series can be directed to both:

Ashish Kapoor Phone: 1-713-500-2439 or email

Kai Sun  Phone: 1-713-500-3190 or email

CVG/THI Seminars

This seminar series in on hold until further notice.