Collaborative Imaging

The IMM Center for Molecular Imaging is a facility that all researchers at UTHSC who are involved in small animal studies should be acquainted. Directed by Dr. Eva Sevick and led by 8 engineering and basic science faculty whose research emphasis focuses on some aspect of molecular imaging. This includes new instrumentation, novel molecular imaging agents, innovative algorithms, or pioneering translation of new imaging technologies into clinical trials. This team is unique on the TMC for marrying new technologies to facilitate biological discovery in preclinical and clinical studies.

In 2008, the unique research center at the Institute of Molecular Medicine was established and focuses on in vivo fluorescence imaging (with unique gene reporters and exogenous agents) and nuclear imaging (using PET/CT, SPECT and scintigraphy). The Molecular Imaging “collaborative Imaging” center focuses upon close interaction with academic and industry researchers across the nation with small animal imaging projects on cancer metastasis, cancer drug discovery, autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, nanotechnology, chronic wound care, peripheral vascular disease, and others.

The small animal imaging care is facilitated by Ms. Holly Robinson, who coordinates small animal imaging studies from investigators across the TMC by linking IACUC protocols with generalized Center of Molecular Imaging AWC approved protocols. Facilities include a Siemens hybrid PET/CT small animal scanner with custom fluorescence tomography capabilities developed through NCI/NIBIB support, a Digi-Rad scintigraphy/SPECT system, and an array of custom bioluminescence and fluorescence instrumentation (faculty co-directors Profs. Kwon and Rasmussen) that is paired with unique radio-, optical and targeted therapy drug design. Because the generalized protocols involving the Center for Molecular Imaging involve the latest “state-of-the-art” advancements in instrumentation, algorithms, and imaging agents/reporters developed through the NCI U54 Network for Translation Research, investigators can benefit by the latest developments in instrumentation, imaging agents, and algorithms for their small animal imaging needs.

Researchers interested in collaborative interaction should directly contact Dr. Eva Sevick ( for consideration of IACUC/biosafety/radioactivity approvals and imaging needs, as well as experimental design of small animal imaging that fits the budgets and scientific needs of investigators.

* Services:

1. Small Animal Imaging
2. Genetics Analysis w/ Imaging

* The rates are custom to each project.

Contacts for further information:

Eva Sevick, PhD
Professor | Service Center Director