Antibody Engineering and Expression Core

Antibody therapeutics represents a major breakthrough in combating human diseases including cancer. Even though the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are in the center stage of drug discovery and development, academic researchers are increasingly engaged in discovering new antibody drug candidates. However, advancement of some the promising antibodies in the early stage of discovery from academic research laboratories is often hindered by the lack of access to the expertise and infrastructure required for antibody lead optimization. Our antibody engineering and expression service center will fill the gap of the much needed expertise for advancement of monoclonal antibodies from early discovery to lead optimization and preclinical development for the research and drug discovery communities. Objective of the service center is to provide technical support and services to advance proof-of-concept antibodies to the stage of preclinical development. Results generated from the core facility will strengthen the collaborators’ ability to attract external funding to continue development of the optimized therapeutic antibodies with the ultimate goal of translating basic research to novel therapies. 

Contact Person for Antibody Engineering and Expression Service Center is:

Zhiqiang An, PhD, Center Director
Phone: 713-500-3011

Ningyan Zhang, PhD, Co-Director
Phone: 713-500-3332


IMM-TTI (Texas Therapeutics Institute)
SRB Room: 501R
Houston, TX77030



The service center will contain four major functional modules: 1) Lead antibody generation; 2) Monoclonal antibody gene cloning and humanization; 3) Antibody affinity maturation; and 4) Cell line development & antibody production. List of services is shown below:

Antigen design and expression
Monoclonal antibody production from hybridoma cell line (mouse, rat and rabbit)
Molecular cloning of VH and VL from mouse, rat, rabbit hybridoma cell lines
Molecular cloning VH and VL from single B cells
scFv production in E. coli
Full length IgG expression and purification in different isotypes (IgG1, IgG2, IgG4) in HEK293 or CHO cells
Humanization of monoclonal antibody from mouse, rat, rabbit or other animals
Antibody affinity maturation
Antibody affinity determination by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) method using Biacore T-100
Polyclonal antibody purification
Epitope mapping

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