Center for Translational Cancer Research


Qingyun Liu, Ph.D., Professor & Director

Sheng Pan, Ph.D., Professor

Ali Azhdarinia, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Kendra Carmon, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Federica Pisaneschi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

The Center for Translational Cancer Research conducts research in the area of cancer biology, drug target discovery, and creation of novel therapeutic and imaging agents using cutting genomics, proteomics, and chemistry tools in collaboration with other faculties at IMM and the Texas Medical Center in Houston.  A major focus of our faculties is in the discovery and development of unique drug candidates, imaging agents, and biomarkers for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.  One aspect is to develop novel therapeutic molecules that are able to overcome tumor plasticity and heterogeneity that are frequently the drivers of resistance to both targeted and chemo therapy using antibody/protein drug conjugate approach.  Another one is to generate new generation of tumor imaging agents with increased sensitivity and specificity.  The Center also has two core facilities, “A Preclinical Development Core for Large Molecule Therapeutics” that provides support in pharmacokinetics and toxicology studies of protein drug candidate, and “Clinical and Translational Proteomics Service Center” that provides proteomic and mass spectrometric support