Scholarly Activity

Scholarly activities started by our pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine fellows during their fellowships. Fellow names are bolded.

Peer-Reviewed Articles on PubMed
Year Fellow
2023 Bertini CD Jr, Khawaja F, Sheshadri A. Coronavirus Disease-2019 in the Immunocompromised Host. Clin Chest Med. 2023 Jun;44(2):395-406 Epub 2022 Nov 22. PMID: 37085228
Azhar M, Abrencillo R, Gandhi S, Altan M, Sheshadri A. Immunotherapy-related pneumonitis and the synergic impact of thoracic radiation and preexisting interstitial lung disease. Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2023 Jul 1;29(4):248-255.. PMID: 37170920
Noh S, Bertini C, Mira-Avendano I, Kaous M, Patel B, Faiz SA, Shannon VR, Balachandran DD, Bashoura L, Adachi R, Evans SE, Dickey B, Wu C, Shroff GS, Manzano JG, Granwehr B, Holloway S, Dickson K, Mohammed A, Muthu M, Song H; D3CODE Team; Chung C, Wu J, Lee L, Jiang Y, Khawaja F, Sheshadri A. Interstitial lung abnormalities after hospitalization for COVID-19 in patients with cancer: A prospective cohort study. Cancer Med. 2023 Aug 18. PMID: 37592894.
Walder, J.R., Faiz, S.A. & Sandoval, M. Lung cancer in the emergency departmentEmerg Cancer Care 2, 3 (2023).
Sunny J, Jimenez S, Leal-Alviarez D, Faiz SA. Re-expansion Pulmonary Edema After Intrapleural Fibrinolytic Therapy. Annals of Internal Medicine Clinical Cases, May 2023.
Patarroyo-Aponte G, Shoar S, Ashley DM, Noorbaksh A, Patel D, Young AY, Akkanti BH, Warner MT, Patarroyo-Aponte MM, Kar B, Gregoric ID, Ha C, Patel B. The Role of Palliative Care Consultation in Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment among ICU Patients Receiving Veno-Venous Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (VV-ECMO): A Retrospective Case-Control Study. Am J Hosp Palliat Care. 2023 Apr 28:10499091231173092. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37117039.
2022 Escobar A, Salem AM, Dickson K, Johnson TN, Burk KJ, Bashoura L, Faiz SA. Anticoagulation and bleeding in the cancer patient. Support Care Cancer. 2022 Oct;30(10):8547-8557. PMID: 35579752; PMCID: PMC9529787.
Sheshadri A, Goizueta AA, Shannon VR, London D, Garcia-Manero G, Kantarjian HM, Ravandi-Kashani F, Kadia TM, Konopleva MY, DiNardo CD, Pierce S, Zarifa A, Albittar AA, Zhong LL, Akhmedzhanov FO, Arain MH, Alfayez M, Alotaibi A, Altan M, Naing A, Mendoza TR, Godoy MCB, Shroff G, Kim ST, Faiz SA, Kontoyiannis DP, Khawaja F, Jennings K, Daver NG. Pneumonitis after immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: A retrospective cohort study. Cancer. 2022 Jul 15;128(14):2736-2745. PMID: 35452134; PMCID: PMC9232977.
Banala C, Brasher WP, Kanagal Shamanna R, Bashoura L, Faiz SA. Consolidative opacity in a patient with acute leukemia. Clin Case Rep. 2022 Apr 4;10(4):e05694. PMID: 35414914; PMCID: PMC8979143.
Salahuddin M, Warner MT, Bashoura L, Faiz SA. Abdominal mass with pulmonary nodules in a miliary pattern. Postgrad Med J. 2022 Feb 1;98(e1):e49. PMID: 37066587.
Reyes S, Roche B, Kazzaz F, Lal AP, Estrada-Y- Martin RM, Cherian SV. Pneumothorax and Pneumomediastinum in COVID-19: A Case Series. Patient centered Focused review. Am J Med Sci. 2022 Jun;363(6):548-551. PMID: 35369983
Bhandari BS, Munjal A, Rawal H, Cherian SV. E- cigarette or Vaping Product- associated Lung Injury in the time of Coronavirus Disease 2019: A Review. touchREVIEWS in Respiratory & Pulmonary Diseases. 2022; 7(1): 25-9
2021 Salahuddin M, Salamo O, Karanth S, Faiz SA, Estrada-Y-Martin RM, Cherian SV. Safety and incidence of complications associated with bronchoscopy in an obese population. Clin Respir J. 2021 Jun;15(6):670-675. Epub 2021 Mar 11. PMID: 33608994.
Bhandari BS, Cherian S, Sagar AES. Benign Lobular Capillary Hemangioma of the Trachea Causing Dyspnea and Wheezing. Arch Bronconeumol. 2021 Jun 4:S0300-2896(21)00176-9 PMID: 34175146.
Cherian SV, Kaur S, Karanth S, Xian JZ, Estrada-Y-Martin RM. Diagnostic yield of electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy: A safety net community-based hospital experience in the United States. Annals of Thoracic Medicine. 2021 Jan-Mar;16(1):102-109. PMID: 33680130
Cherian SV, Li C, Roche B, Reyes SA, Karanth S, Lal AP, Aisenberg GM, Estrada-Y-Martin RM. Predictive factors for success of awake proning in hypoxemic respiratory failure secondary to COVID-19: A retrospective cohort study. Respir Med. 2021 Apr 2;181:106379. PMID: 33845325
Kaous M, Bashoura L, Faiz SA. Gelatinous Pleural Fluid With Mesothelioma. Arch Bronconeumol. 2021 Aug;57(8):543. PMID: 35699034.
Jaumally BA, Das A, Cassell NC, Pachecho GN, Majid R, Bashoura L, Balachandran DD, Faiz SA. Excessive daytime sleepiness in cancer patients. Sleep Breath. 2021 Jun;25(2):1063-1067. Epub 2020 Sep 16. PMID: 32939599.
Salahuddin, M, Cawasji, Z, Kaur, S, Estrada-Y-Martin Rm, Cherian SV. Current Concepts in Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management of Silicosis and Its Subtypes. Curr Pulmonol Rep 10, 135–142 (2021).
Goizueta, A.A., Estrada-Y-Martin, R.M. & Cherian, S.V. Lung Cancer in Women: a Review. Curr Pulmonol Rep (2021) 10, 53–61 (2021)
Chang Li, Kazzaz FI, Scoon JM, Estrada-Y-Martin RM, Cherian SV. Lymphocyte predominant exudative pleural effusions: a narrative review. Shanghai Chest 2022;6:5
2020 Lai KA, Sheshadri A, Adrianza AM, Etchegaray M, Balachandran DD, Bashoura L, Shannon VR, Faiz SA. Role of Infliximab in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Pneumonitis. J Immunother Precis Oncol. 2020 Oct 19;3(4):172-174. PMID: 35665375; PMCID: PMC9165439.
Harding WC, Marcoux M, Casal RF, Bashoura L, Stewart J, Lee HC, Faiz SA. Lung Nodule in a Patient with Multiple Myeloma. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2020 Nov 15;202(10):1458-1459. PMID: 32730097; PMCID: PMC7667915.
Sagar AES, Landaeta MF, Adrianza AM, Aldana GL, Pozo L, Armas-Villalba A, Toquica CC, Larson AJ, Vial MR, Grosu HB, Ost DE, Eapen GA, Sheshadri A, Morice RC, Shannon VR, Bashoura L, Balachandran DD, Almeida FA, Uzbeck MH, Casal RF, Faiz SA, Jimenez CA. Complications following symptom-limited thoracentesis using suction. Eur Respir J. 2020 Nov 19;56(5):1902356. PMID: 32499336.
Lopez-Mattei J, Verstovsek S, Fellman B, Iliescu C, Bhatti K, Hassan SA, Kim P, Gray BA, Palaskas NL, Grosu HB, Mamas MA, Faiz SA. Prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in myelofibrosis. Ann Hematol. 2020 Apr;99(4):781-789. Epub 2020 Feb 19. PMID: 32076825; PMCID: PMC9225959.
Bailey M, Eapen G, Ost D, Casal RF, Jimenez C, Datar S, Molina S, Bashoura L, Faiz SA, Balachandran DD, Shannon VR, Sheshadri A, Grosu HB. Routine Microbiologic Studies of Pleural Fluid Specimens in Cancer Patients. Am J Med. 2020 Feb;133(2):240-244. Epub 2019 Aug 8. PMID: 31401163; PMCID: PMC6983947.
Salamo O, Cherian SV, Estrada-Y-Martin RM. 88-Year-Old Woman With an Incidental Lung Mass. Arch Bronconeumol (Engl Ed). 2020 May 8:S0300-2896(20)30115-0..PMID: 32402550.
Dodge DL, Cherian SV, Ali YD, Murzabdillaeva A, Hu Z, Estrada-Y-Martin RM. A 35-Year-Old Woman With Progressive Dyspnea and Cough. Chest. 2020 Sep;158(3):e103-e106.. PMID: 32892884.
Kaous M, Xian J, Rongo D, McDonald M, Ocasionez D, Mathew R, Estrada-Y-Martin RM, Patel B, Cherian SV, Jani PP. Clinical, radiology, pathologic patterns and outcomes of vaping related pulmonary injury in a single institution, A case series. Respir Med. 2020 Sep 20;173:106153. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 33017782.
Barreda Garcia J, Xian JZ, Pedroza C, Salahuddin M, Mak G, Keene A, Cherian SV, Young AY, Vijhani P, Doshi PB. Pediatric size phlebotomy tubes and transfusions in adult critically ill patients: a pilot randomized controlled trial. Pilot Feasibility Stud. 2020 Aug 8;6:112.PMID: 32782818
2019 Sagar AS, Faiz SA, Shannon VR. Cough-induced Transdiaphragmatic and Intercostal Herniation of the Liver. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2019 Dec 1;200(11):e145-e146. PMID: 31251656; PMCID: PMC6884036.
Sagar AS, Dodge DL, Salahuddin M, Warner MT, Mak G, Faiz SA. Pleural Diseases: Pleurodesis via Indwelling Pleural Catheter, Dasatinib-induced Pleural Effusion, and IL-27 in Tuberculosis Pleural Effusion. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2019 Sep 15;200(6):771-773. PMID: 31246494; PMCID: PMC6775873.
Sheshadri A, Karimipour M, Vakil E, Bashoura L, Godoy M, Arain MH, Evans SE, Dickey BF, Ost DE, Chemaly RF, Faiz SA. Refinement of estimates of mortality risk using the Radiologic Severity Index in hematologic malignancy patients with respiratory syncytial virus infection. Transpl Infect Dis. 2019 Aug;21(4):e13105. Epub 2019 May 28. PMID: 31081570; PMCID: PMC6697592
Casal RF, Sepesi B, Sagar AS, Tschirren J, Chen M, Li L, Sunny J, Williams J, Grosu HB, Eapen GA, Jimenez CA, Ost DE. Centrally located lung cancer and risk of occult nodal disease: an objective evaluation of multiple definitions of tumour centrality with dedicated imaging software. Eur Respir J. 2019 May 9;53(5):1802220. doi: 10.1183/13993003.02220-2018. PMID: 30819811.
Kazzaz FI, Cabanillas ME, Bashoura L, Shannon VR, Faiz SA. Bilateral spontaneous pneumothoraces in anaplastic thyroid cancer. Respir Med Case Rep. 2019 Jan 8;26:197-199. PMID: 30705818; PMCID: PMC6348391.
Xian JZ, Cherian SV, Idowu M, Chen L, Estrada-Y-Martin RM. A 45-Year-Old Woman With Multiple Pulmonary Nodules and Sjögren Syndrome. Chest. 2019 Feb;155(2):e51-e54. PMID: 30732703
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2018 Xian JZ, Cherian SV, Golardi N, Estrada-Y-Martin RM. A 32-Year-Old Man With HIV Infection, Pleural Effusions, and Lymphadenopathy. Chest. 2018 Nov;154(5):e147-e151.PMID: 30409370.
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2014 Faiz SA, Sahay S, Jimenez CA. Pleural effusions in acute and chronic leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome. Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2014 Jul;20(4):340-6. PMID: 24811835.


Book Chapters
Year Fellow
2023 Salamo O, Hostetter L, Goizueta A, Ocazionez-Trujillo, Cherian SV. Developmental Lung Anomalies in Adults. 2023. In S.V Cherian and A Kumar (Eds). Rare Lung Diseases: A Comprehensive Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Management. (1st Ed, Pp. 3-14). Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press
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Poongkunran C, Balachandran DD, Bashoura L, Faiz SA. Sleep Disturbances in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT). In: Pulmonary and Critical Care Considerations of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT). Springer Nature, 2023.

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