We will conduct weekly core curriculum conference series, monthly multidisciplinary teaching conferences, monthly journal clubs and monthly research conferences. The educational program strives to cover all the topics spanning the scope of Sleep medicine. This will include instruction in both pediatric and adult sleep medicine. A list of the sleep core lectures and topics to be covered in other conferences include:

Sleep lecture / Speaker

Basics of Sleep Staging (Adults) Dr. Majid
Basics of Sleep Staging (Pediatrics)
Basics of Sleep Scoring (Adults)
Basics of Sleep Scoring (Pediatrics)
Practical Aspects of Polysomnography
Technical Aspects of PSG and Artifacts
Portable Sleep Monitoring and Actigraphy
Update of ICSD-3: Overview of Sleep Diagnoses
Narcolepsy and the MSLT
MWTs and other Hypersomnia Syndromes
Pediatric OSA Part I: Pathophysiology and Epidemiology
Pediatric OSA Part II: Diagnosis and Consequences
Pediatric OSA Part III: Diagnosis and Consequences
Pediatric OSA Part IV: Diagnosis and Consequences
Pediatric Insomnia and other non OSA Diagnoses
Cardiovascular Consequences of Sleep Apnea
Practical Aspects of Outpatient Sleep Medicine
Circadian Rhythm Disorders I: Pathophysiology Dr Mathew
Circadian Rhythm Disorders II: Advanced and Delayed Disorders
Circadian Rhythm Disorders III: Other Circadian Disorders
Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome
Chronic Hypoventilation and NIV
Pharmacology and Sleep Dr McKelvy
Pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology and Sleep
Sleep Deprivation and its consequences
Medical ethics and legal aspects and application in Sleep Medicine
Endocrine and Gastrointestinal physiology and pathophysiology and Sleep Dr Sargsyan
Non-CPAP treatments of Adult OSA
Restless Leg Syndrome
Ontogeny of Sleep
Miscellaneous Sleep Diagnosis
Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea and CPAP Dr Wong
Central Sleep Apnea
Sleep Neurophysiology I
Sleep Neurophysiology II
Neuromuscular Syndromes and Sleep Dr Biliciler-Denktas
Movement disorders and Sleep Dr Schiess
Seizures Syndromes and Sleep Dr Ram
Cancer and Sleep Medicine Dr Balachandran
Sleep in the Hospitalized patient Dr Faiz
Quality Improvement and Sleep Dr Bashoura
Dental devices in the treatment of OSA Dr Levine
Surgical treatments for OSA Dr Nagi
Hypoglossal nerve stimulation Dr Simmons
Cognitive Behavioral therapy Dr Mary Rose
Psychiatry as it overlaps with Sleep Dr Giray