Angela Gomez is Instructor (non-tenure instruction track) with the McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics and Co-Director of UTHealth Houston’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Healthcare Policy for Health Professionals (HP2). She actively engages in educational research, assessment, and program evaluation and collaborates across the university on health policy, ethics, and interprofessional education.

Gomez holds a doctor of education degree from Sam Houston State University, where she previously earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration. She also has a master’s of science in educational research from Georgia State University. Dr. Gomez advises students, faculty, and staff on quantitative and qualitative research, analyzing program and study data, and working to enhance programs and courses. She manages the Center’s blue book (or extracurricular) and fourth-year electives, as well as the Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration. Gomez contributes to communications for Arts and Resilience and various program events, manages the learning management system for programs and courses, including the Clinical Humanities Certificate Program, serves as the copy editor for Human Ties Digest, and is the Center’s web manager.

Before joining UTHealth Houston as classified staff in 2009, she worked for 10 years in market and social science research. Gomez is also the Web Manager for the Measurement and Research Methodologies division of the American Educational Research Association and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Dr. Gomez’s expertise and interests include quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods educational research; survey research; assessments of learning (knowledge and skills); program evaluation; measurement; action research; learning technology; and educational theory and practice for adult learners.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Sam Houston State University
Master of Business Administration
Sam Houston State University
Master of Science
Georgia State University
Doctor of Education
Sam Houston State University

Areas of Interest

Research Interests

Higher education
Health professions education
Education in the professions
Educational research
Assessment of student learning
Program evaluation
Measurement theory
Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies
Survey research
Adult learning theory and practice
Program development
Educational and instructional technology
Action research
Quality improvement


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Dissertation & Master’s Project

  • Gomez, A. P. (2022). The impacts of a medical humanities concentration on program graduates [Master’s project]. Georgia State University.
  • Polczynski, A. M. (2021). Exploring the relationship between technology use and student performance in developmental mathematics (28801913) [Doctoral dissertation]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Polczynski, A. M., Rozmus, C., & Carlin, N. (2019). Beyond silos: An interprofessional, campus-wide ethics education program. Nursing Ethics, 26(7-8), 2314-2324.
  • Rozmus, C., Carlin, N., Polczynski, A., Spike, J., & Buday, R. (2015). The Brewsters: A new resource for interprofessional education. Nursing Ethics, 22(7), 815-826.
  • Carlin, N., Flaitz, C., & Polczynski, A. (2013). Interprofessional ethics: An innovative active-learning experience for health professional students. Journal of Dental Education, 77(2), 224.

Selected Posters and Conference Presentations

  • Gomez, A.P., Wise, J.N., & Fenton, S.H. (2024, May 3). Adapting quality enhancement plan activities for the online environment. Poster presented at the 2024 Symposium of the Texas Educator’s Academies Collaborative for Health Professions – Southeast (TEACH-S), Galveston, TX. (3rd Place Poster Award)
  • Majeethia, D.M., Gomez, A.P., Wise, J.N., & Tran, T. (2024, March 19-20). Impact of a Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS). Poster presented at the 2024 Society for Public Health Education, St. Louis, MO.
  • Koshy, A.J., Gomez, A.P., Ortiz, M., & Flores, R. (2024, February 23). Build it, and they will come: Development and findings from a pilot GME Humanities and Ethics Certificate Program. Presented at the 2024 Innovations in Health Science Education Annual Conference, Austin, TX.
  • Gomez, A.P., Jantea, R., & Snow, F. (2023, July 28). The Virtual Interprofessional Policy Simulation (VIPS): An innovative approach to IPE and health policy education. Poster presented at the 2023 Advances in Teaching and Learning Day, Houston, TX. (2nd Place Poster Award)
  • Snow, F. K., Gomez, A.P., Jantea, R. (2023, April 20). Policy influence and advocacy: A virtual interprofessional education health policy simulation. Paper presented at the Texas Interprofessional Education Consortium Annual Meeting, Houston, TX.
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  • Wise, J. N., Gomez, A.P., Linder, S. H. (2023, March 3). A campus-wide “Civics 101” learning model for diverse disciplines in the health sciences. Poster presented at the 2023 Innovations in Health Science Education Annual Conference, UT System/Virtual. (2nd Place Poster Award)
  • Wise, J. N., Gomez, A.P., Cunha, S. (2022, November 2-3). A virtual interprofessional policy simulation (VIPS). Poster presented at the 2022 International Conference on the Future of Health Professions Education, Coral Gables, FL.
  • Snow, F. K., & Gomez, A.P. (2022, October 28). Positioning nursing’s future impact on health policy. Poster presented at the 2022 Health Policy Conference of the American Academy of Nursing, Washington, DC.
  • Rozmus, C. L., Carlin, N., Polczynski, A., & Frazier, L. (2017, July). Beyond silos: An interprofessional, campus-wide ethics education program. Paper presented at the 2017 International Nursing Research Congress, Dublin, Ireland.
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