Angela Gomez is Senior Coordinator of Special Programs for the McGovern Center. She formally coordinates the Center’s blue book and fourth-year electives, Medical Humanities Scholarly Concentration, and Campus-Wide Humanities and Ethics Program. She contributes to marketing and communications for the Arts and Resilience Program and Clinical Humanities Certificate Program, and serves as copy-editor for Human Ties Digest. She is also the Center’s web manager; is actively engaged in educational research, assessment, and evaluation; and coordinates special events and lectures.

Dr. Gomez is involved in quality enhancement initiatives. She previously analyzed and managed assessment data for the university’s first Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) entitled, “Beyond Silos: Enhancing Ethics Education In and Across the Health Professions,” an activity she sustains. As part of this QEP, she oversaw the implementation and assessment of The Brewsters, an online educational activity for incoming students of UTHealth. She is currently the assessment director for UTHealth’s current Quality Enhancement Plan, “Healthcare Policy for Health Professionals,” leading efforts in assessing student learning. Dr. Gomez also collaborates with fellow QEP team members to design, implement, and evaluate educational interventions about healthcare policy. Prior to joining the McGovern Center, Dr. Gomez worked for a market research firm for nearly 10 years as a project manager, research analyst, and in data processing, programming, and collecting for consumer insights and quantitative and qualitative social science research.

She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration and a doctorate in educational leadership from Sam Houston State University. Her dissertation, “Exploring the Relationship Between Technology Use and Student Performance in Developmental Mathematics” was a quantitative study using institutional-level data from developmental and college-level mathematics coursework and instructional technology to explore whether reported technologies were related to students’ course performance. Dr. Gomez recently completed a Master’s of Science in Educational Research from the Department of Educational Policy Studies at Georgia State University.

Dr. Gomez’s expertise and interests include: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods educational research; univariate and multivariate statistics; survey instrument development and research; assessment of student learning; program evaluation; measurement; research methodology; action research; educational, instructional, and learning technology; and educational theory and practice for adult learners.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Sam Houston State University
Master of Business Administration
Sam Houston State University
Master of Science
Georgia State University
Doctor of Education
Sam Houston State University

Areas of Interest

Research Interests

Higher education
Education research
Assessment of student learning
Program evaluation
Measurement theory
Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies
Survey research
Adult learning theory and practice
Program development
Educational and instructional technology
Action research
Quality improvement and management


Publication Information


  • Polczynski, A. M. (2021). Exploring the relationship between technology use and student performance in developmental mathematics (28801913) [Doctoral dissertation]. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Conference Presentations

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