Archived Lectures

During the 2015-2016 academic year, the series focused on “Living History: Made at the Texas Medical Center,” which featured interviews of individuals who were transformational and made noteworthy contributions to medical—especially Texas Medical Center—history. The transcripts and videos of these interviews are archived here. The entire video playlist can also be viewed on YouTube.

Date Topic & Guest Video
Sep 2 “History of the Texas Medical Center”
Bryant Boutwell, DrPH
Bryant Boutwell Presentation
Oct 7 “Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission: The Work of Grant Taylor & Jack Schull”
Jack Schull, MD
Jack Schull Interview
Nov 4 “Combination Chemotherapy & the Cure of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children”
Emil J. Freireich, MD
Emil Freireich Interview
Dec 2 “Personal Reflections on the Recent History of Nursing & Nursing Education”
Patricia Starck, RN, PhD
Patricia Starck Interview
Jan 6 “My Experience of Childhood Polio & Its Effect on My Life”
Caren Cowan
Caren Cowan
Feb 3 “AIDS & Houston: An Eyewitness Account”
Adan Rios, MD
Adan Rios Interview
Mar 2 “The Medical Story of Early Texas: 1528-1853”
Carlos R. Hamilton, Jr., MD
Carlos Hamilton Presentation
Mar 29 Annual John P. McGovern Banquet
“The Quest for the Artificial Heart”
Mimi Swartz
Mimi Swartz Presentation
Apr 6 “The Politics of Lung Cancer”
Eric J. Solberg, MS
Eric Solberg Interview
May 4 “Personal Reflections on Groundbreaking Advances in Heart Transplantation & the Artificial Heart at the TMC”
Bud Frazier, MD
Bud Frazier Interview

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