Suicide in America: A Tragedy in Hiding

Directed by Thomas Cole, PhD, and Kevin Dillon, MBA, CPA, this elective introduces students to the prevalence of suicide in America, and its impact on health and medicine.

Through this course, students will:

  1. encounter journalistic and personal writing about the experience and meanings of suicide,
  2. explore the phenomenon of suicide among physicians and other health care workers,
  3. analyze ethical issues involved in physician-assisted suicide, and
  4. discuss clinical care of suicidal patients and their families.

There will be 6 sessions held from 12:00-1:00 pm on the dates listed below. To receive elective credit, students must attend at least 4 sessions.

Some sessions may include readings, which will be provided in advance.

All classes will be held in WebEx. Please contact Angela Gomez, EdD, to receive the course links.

Spring 2023
Date Topic
Feb 27 Overview of Class and Epidemiological Data
Mar 6 American Stories, Journalism
Mar 27 Suicide Among Doctors and Other Health Care Workers
Apr 3 Physician-Assisted Suicide
Apr 10 Reflection and Fiction
Apr 24 Conclusion