Continuity Clinic

Each of our Med-Ped residents rotate through Internal Medicine and Pediatric clinics. There are residents of different training levels in each clinic, which gives a great opportunity to learn from upper levels and have interaction between years. Patients are a mixture of insured and uninsured, spanning all socioeconomic levels. Residents are encouraged to send their patients that they cared for in the hospital to their continuity clinic for follow up. During their intern year residents are closely supervised, becoming fully independent towards the end of their training years.

Pre-clinic discussions are held every week to improve knowledge of ambulatory medicine. We cover a wide range of topics that apply to both Internal Medicine and Pediatric populations. In addition, each year there is at least one resident-run Quality Improvement project, in which all residents participate. In the past, these have led to poster presentations at conferences and have improved the quality of care delivered in clinic.