Facial Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Fellowship


Russell W.H. Kridel, MD, FACS

Mission Statement

The fellowship program provides postgraduate training in facial plastic surgery. The objectives of the fellowship program are to:

  • Provide an outstanding academic opportunity for the acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills in facial plastic surgery;
  • Develop trained specialists who will contribute to the ongoing development of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery;
  • Foster development of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery educators, especially in residency programs; and
  • Encourage the development of new skills and knowledge in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery through basic research and clinical trials.


The fellowship is currently under the direction of Dr. Kridel through the Division of Facial Plastic Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. You will be an official UT fellow and clinical instructor where you would cover 2nd call approximately 4–5 nights per month. You will also have the opportunity to staff the UT residents and perform both cosmetic and reconstructive cases at the University’s county hospital. You, along with Dr. Kridel, will attend Facial Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs, and you will be responsible for giving facial plastic surgery lectures to the otolaryngology residents. Though the majority of your time will be spent with Dr. Kridel, the time at the University will help round out the fellowship, since with Dr. Kridel it is almost 100% cosmetic. Dr. Kridel offers a private practice fellowship focusing on elective facial plastic surgery in which we perform about 400 facial plastic surgery cases per year.

Quality care and long-term follow-up care is emphasized in the practice. Routine documentation (chart, photo and computer images) of all patients is on file to provide the fellow with great opportunities to write several expected clinical papers based on retrospective or prospective studies during the fellowship year.

This is a participatory fellowship and a Texas medical license is required. Current ACLS certification is also required prior to the fellowship. Responsibilities of the fellow include thorough pre- and post-operative care, surgical assistance and first-call beeper availability.

The fellow will be responsible for several types of laser procedures. The fellow will work with the computer imaging system, and knowledge of imaging systems and the use of digital camera and video equipment is very helpful. The fellow will assist Dr. Kridel in organizing and running the clinical practice. The successful fellow is a high energy, patient-friendly, detail-oriented, organized individual with initiative, curiosity and a deep desire for obtaining an in-depth knowledge of facial plastic surgery and how to run a facial plastic surgery office.

Dr. Kridel is predominantly interested in training individuals who wish to do only facial plastic surgery after their fellowship rather than practice general otolaryngology. While it is understood that many individuals must start out with a general otolaryngology practice in order to get going, Dr. Kridel feels that the intensive training during the year is best suited to an individual whose ultimate goal is to focus his practice on facial plastic surgery in either a private practice or academic setting.

This is a fellowship for the individual who wants total immersion in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Kridel believes strongly in the fellow’s academic achievement while here. In past years, two of his fellows have won the Anderson prize for the highest score on the ABFPRS Board Exam given to all fellows across the country. Dr. Kridel has trained 28 fellows to date.


The Fellowship participates in the Facial Plastics Match, which is conducted by SF Match, under the auspices of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. All applications must be through SF Match.

For more information, contact Shannon Clark .