Dr. Chelsea Gatcliffe was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and received her undergraduate degree from Emory University. She was introduced to clinical research during her time at Emory which solidified her decision to become a physician. She attended the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for medical school and fell in love with caring for children during her pediatric rotation in Dublin. She trained in pediatrics at the University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Hospital and went on to pursue pediatric pulmonology at UC San Diego/ Rady Children’s Hospital.

During her fellowship training, she became interested in multidisciplinary care through her experience with the Aerodigestive Clinic at Rady Children’s. She values the importance of teamwork and enjoys taking care of complex patients with the help of colleagues from other divisions. Her fellowship research utilized metagenomic sequencing to evaluate these patients with concerns for chronic aspiration.

She worked to develop the Aerodigestive Clinic here at UT Houston upon joining the faculty in September 2020. She is also interested in severe asthma, respiratory complications of pediatric cancer and rheumatologic disease, and congenital airway malformations.

Dr. Gatcliffe enjoys exploring Houston with her husband Eric and baby boy Frank. She enjoys finding the best cappuccino, riding her Peloton spin bike, and getting outside as much as possible.


Medical School
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Health System, Holtz Children's Hospital
University of California San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital San Diego


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