Dr. Brady is a professor in the Children’s Heart Institute, Division of Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Brady cares for children with critical heart disease in the operating room and the ICU as a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist and intensivist. His clinical and academic activities are driven by a desire to see children with critical heart disease survive to see their full developmental potential. His research interests use engineering tools to analyze large volumes of physiologic waveforms in ways that can forecast deterioration and guide care optimization for the most critically ill patients. An example of his work is a monitor that delineates the range of acceptable blood pressures for perfusing the brain by monitoring cerebrovascular reactivity. The application of this monitor during heart surgery reduced the odds of postoperative delirium by 45% in adult patients. The monitor is currently undergoing trials in neonates.


Neurophysiology BA, University of California Berkeley
Medical School
MD, University of California San Francisco
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, UC San Diego Anesthesia, Johns Hopkins University
Pediatric Anesthesia, Johns Hopkins University Pediatric Critical Care, Johns Hopkins University

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

Optimizing care of the critically ill neonate to preserve neurodevelopmental potential.
Analysis of large and complex data sets from patient monitoring to forecast and prevent deterioration and optimize care to protect vulnerable organs in critically ill children.