Educational Opportunities

Grand Rounds: McGovern Medical School Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation inaugurated a new didactic series in 2016. Our goal is to have a diverse group of lecturers encompassing multiple aspects of the field, including clinicians and researches. The didactic series are comprised by both Grand Rounds and a Distinguished Lectureship Series, a subset of conferences by pioneers in our field. We hold these conferences on monthly basis. Our past Grand Rounds lectures can be viewed under Didactics tab.

Anatomy Cadaver Course: Held jointly with McGovern Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine during our musculoskeletal block, an expert anatomist guides discussion of the anatomy and its function with prosected cadavers.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Club: Held jointly with McGovern Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine, with guidance from our Sports Medicine attendings, residents learn basic ultrasound techniques to uncover joint, tendon, and ligament anatomy and pathology.

RSVP Clinic: Rehabilitation Services Volunteer Project (RSVP) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that provides physical rehabilitation services and equipment to uninsured individuals with disabilities. Residents are invited to volunteer for distribution or collection of durable medical equipment (such as wheelchairs, bathroom equipment, and walkers) to individuals in our community with disabilities (regardless of diagnosis) who lack access to this equipment.

Sports Medicine Journal Club: This journal club is held jointly with McGovern Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Cianca, a well renowned Sports Medicine attending, and residents meet on monthly basis to discuss relevant MSK/sports journal articles.

Concussion Journal Club: The Concussion Journal Club is a monthly group meeting, open to anyone, where we converse regarding multiple aspects of Concussion (prognosis, treatment, evaluation) using research articles as the base for our discussion. The articles are selected by the Concussion Program leadership led by Dr. Mas. The group meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 12:15pm at TIRR Memorial Hermann.

There is also a conference line to call in if out of campus:
Conference call option: 877-568-8317
Conference code: 7638920088

High School Sports Side Line Coverage: Residents are invited to volunteer for football coverage along side family resident and orthopedic surgery residents, supervised by Dr. Matthew Mays, orthopedic surgeon.

Conference Attendance: Residents are encouraged to submit research articles such as case reports, case series and other research to conferences such as AAPM&R and AAP. The residency program will make an effort to allow and aid presenting residents to attend these conferences.

Quality Improvement Projects: PM&R residents at McGovern Medical School and Baylor College collaborate on quality improvement projects throughout the year.

McGovern Medical School PM&R Student Association: Resident and attending physicians volunteer to assist in mentorship of medical school students interest in PM&R, including presentations on career considerations and residency application process.