Call Schedule

Internship Year

During the first year of residency, call schedule will be determined by the McGovern Medical School Internal Medicine residency program.

PGY-2 through PGY-4 Years

TIRR Memorial Hermann
While rotating at TIRR Memorial Hermann acute inpatient rehabilitation (8 months total), each resident will be on in-house 24-hour call approximately once a week. On post-call days, residents are excused from clinical duties and didactics.

Memorial Hermann – TMC
During any other rotation, the resident will be responsible for Memorial Hermann – TMC inpatient rehabilitation home call approximately one weekend per month.

Emergency Back Up Call
The EBC resident assists with after-hours admissions to TIRR Memorial Hermann. For each history and physical written, the EBC resident will be compensated. This is our internal moonlighting. Moonlighting in other clinical settings is not allowed.