Infectious Diseases Conferences

Clinical Conferences


Microbiology rounds with clinical microbiologist and ID teams

Teaching rounds with ID attendings and ID team to discuss patients on the clinical service


UT Adult-Pedi Clinical Case Conference

A weekly one-hour session held in conjunction with the Pediatric Infectious Disease Division in which two cases are presented: one from pediatric ID and one from adult ID. UT Fellows present the patients and lead a discussion of the differential diagnosis, followed by a general review of the clinical entity, typically including diagnostic or therapeutic issues. All UT Infectious Diseases Faculty, Fellows (other than those on service at UT MD Anderson), and residents and medical students on clinical rotations attend the conference, in addition to clinical microbiologists.

UT HIV/Transplant ID Case or Guidelines Conference:

A weekly one-hour conference during which HIV and Transplant ID teams alternate weeks in presenting challenging cases, updates, or guidelines in their respective areas of expertise.

Citywide Infectious Diseases Case Conference

A weekly one-hour session held across the street at Baylor College of Medicine in which many infectious disease practitioners from around the city of Houston participate. These include faculty/practitioners from UT-Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, Memorial Southwest, Methodist Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, Diagnostic Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Kelsey-Seybold Hospital, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and other physicians in private practice, including both adult and pediatric ID specialists. This conference is also attended by numerous clinical microbiologists, public health practitioners, residents and medical students on Infectious Disease rotations. Three cases are presented each week on a rotating basis among the various groups that attend. Infectious Disease Fellows are responsible for selecting a case (in consultation with the faculty), presenting the patient, providing a handout of the clinical case with the appropriate references, and discussing some pathophysiologic, diagnostic, and/or management issues.

Texas Medical Center-Wide Infectious Diseases Core Curriculum

A weekly one-hour session conducted by faculty from UT Medical School, Baylor College of Medicine, and UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. All adult and pediatric ID fellows attend; residents and students are also welcome to attend. A wide variety of topics spanning the field of infectious diseases are presented.

UT M.D. Anderson Challenging Clinical Case Conference

A weekly conference whose content alternates between clinical cases,clinical and basic research presentations, and didactic lectures by both M.D. Anderson and outside faculty. A variety of topics related to infectious diseases in the immunocompromised host are presented. Infectious Disease Fellows are responsible for presenting clinical cases once monthly. In addition, fellows on the immunocompromised host track will occasionally present the results from their research projects.

UT Journal Club and Guidelines Presentation

A weekly one-hour session which includes participation of adult and pediatric infectious diseases faculty, fellows, internal medicine residents and students rotating on service, and laboratory personnel. Infectious Diseases fellows are responsible for presenting an article selected from the literature.

UT M.D. Anderson Journal Club

A weekly one-hour session which includes MD Anderson ID faculty, fellows rotating at MD Anderson, laboratory personnel, and other clinical staff. Fellows and faculty select articles for review and present a critical discussion of the articles.

Other Didactic Conferences:

UT Antibiotic Reviews

A weekly one-hour session that repeats the sessions monthly conducted by Dr. Cecilia (Tran) Truc and attended by the fellows, internal medicine residents and students on the inpatient consultation services at Hermann Hospital and LBJ Hospital. Fundamental concepts of antibiotic pharmaco-dynamic use, including microbiologic activity, side effects, mechanism of action, and therapeutic use, for the various classes of antibiotics are reviewed on a rotating basis.

Research Conferences

A one-hour session that occasionally replaces UT Journal Club, which includes both adult and pediatric infectious disease faculty, fellows, rotating residents, and laboratory personnel. Fellows and faculty take turns presenting their individual research projects to the entire group, particularly prior to IDWeek (the annual meeting of the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA, HIVMA, SHEA and the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society) and ASM Microbe. UT MDACC ID also has periodic research presentations.

ID Board Review Study Group

A weekly one-hour session during which ID fellows discuss topics on a rotational basis in preparation for taking the ID Boards.

Weekly Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: weekly didactic lecture by faculty or visiting professors on a wide range of topics, many relevant to basic science and clinical topics important for Infectious Disease practitioners.

Internal Medicine Clinico-Pathologic Conference:  presentation and discussion of differential diagnosis of the case by faculty, radiologists, and pathologists. Some cases are discussed by Infectious Disease faculty, and others have infectious diseases in the differential diagnosis.

Infectious Disease National Meetings:  All fellows are supported to attend either ASM Microbe or the IDWeek annual meeting as second year fellows. At these meetings, fellows are exposed to a wide variety of clinical and basic science infectious disease learning opportunities, including meet the professor sessions, general review seminars, and specific research topics.