McGovern Center to host conference honoring Dr. Thomas Cole

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
March 14, 2022

From April 12-14, 2023, the McGovern Center will host a small conference in Houston, TX, in honor of Thomas R. Cole, PhD, our Founding Director. Current Center director, Rev. Nathan Carlin, PhD, announced a call for proposals, detailed below.

The conference will consist of 12-16 scholars who will give papers that touch on key areas of Cole’s academic contributions, including but not limited to: aging, life stories, racism and medicine & psychiatry, medical humanities as a field, and health humanities films and documentaries.

It will be a small conference in which attendees will spend an hour workshopping each paper over a three-day period. The goal will be to create an edited volume (a festschrift) from these papers. The audience for the book will be shaped by the submissions selected.

Contributors will receive $1,000 for their work. Payment will be dispensed at two different periods:

  • $500 for attending the whole conference in person (i.e., not via Skype, etc.), presenting a paper, and formally responding to a participant’s paper; and
  • $500 for submitting a revised version of the essay based on feedback from the conference and completing the production process (e.g., responding to all queries, creating a list of words to be indexed, etc.).

Participants will be asked to book their own travel to and from Houston, but the Center will provide a hotel stay during the conference period.

Papers should be around 25 pages in length (double-spaced) or about 6,000 words. Papers should be formatted according to the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style, using endnotes.

Those interested in participating in this project should email Dr. Carlin by May 1, 2022, with (1) an abstract (250 words) and (2) their CV).

The anticipated timeline for the project:

Deadline for submission May 1, 2022
Notification of acceptance: June 15, 2022
Due date for paper: March 1, 2023
Due date for revised paper: November 1, 2023
Due date for other revisions, page proofs, etc.: As determined by the publisher