The Fetal Center Research and Clinical Trials

Advancing translational care through research

 Our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists are world-renowned for transformative care, benefiting not only our high-risk fetal patients but also enhancing outcomes for their mothers, through innovative research-related activities. This research strives to provide patients with the best possible resources to make an informed decision when choosing a treatment strategy for their baby. The Fetal Center’s research department does this by providing patients with timely information about what different therapies may mean for them and their children’s futures.

The ways in which the Fetal Center’s research team advances standard of care for both mothers and fetuses from their high-risk pregnancies includes:

  • Offering numerous clinical trials across a spectrum of congenital abnormalities and fetal conditions;
  • Continual local, national, and international collaboration with other networks and centers dedicated to standard of care advancement;
  • Development of novel and effective fetal therapy strategies and implementing them after regulatory authority approval;
  • The procurement and study of specimens within an extensive biobank representing many varying fetal conditions; and
  • Consistently obtaining and analyzing data to understand and enhance outcomes for patients based on fetal therapy interventions.