About the Program

  1. Here are the topics discussed in the weekly (60-minutes), virtual young adult group:
    • Defining adulthood
    • Goal setting
    • Barriers and roadblocks to change
    • Dealing with change
    • Emotional regulation
    • Dealing with difficult thoughts
    • Communication
    • Boundaries
    • Executive functioning
    • Self-care and Autistic Burnout
    • Transition to Adult Healthcare

2. Here are the topics discussed in the weekly (60 minutes), virtual parent group:

    • Introduction to neurodiversity
    • Defining adulthood
    • Making changes
    • Barriers and roadblocks
    • Boundaries
    • Communication in the family
    • Family relationships and emotions
    • Goal setting
    • Transition to Adult Healthcare

3. Coaching sessions (weekly, individual, 30-minutes):

    • Young adults meet weekly with their coach to discuss and develop SMART goals which are Specific (define exactly what is being pursued), Measurable (develop a number to track completion), Attainable (make sure the goal can be achieved), Realistic (doable from the young adult’s perspective), and Timely (be sure that it be completed in a reasonable amount of time).
    • Young adults rate their SMART goal progress weekly using a process called goal attainment scaling. This is a method for producing individualized, clinically relevant change, which emphasizes allowing the young adult to define meaningful change.
    • We do not prescribe what it means to be an adult to our young adults. Thus, we allow them to develop goals that are in line with their values to ensure they are making meaningful progress toward connecting to what matters most to them.
  • You May Qualify If You:
    • Are between 18 and 25 years old
    • Have been diagnosed with ASD or ADHD
    • Are able to read and write
    • Do not have an intellectual disability