Sports, Orthopedic and Emergency Imaging, Houston, TX University of Texas at Houston 7/2012 – 6/2013
Diagnostic Radiology, Houston, TX University of Texas at Houston 7/2008 – 6/2012
Transitional Year Program, Marshfield ,WI Marshfield Clinic – St. Joseph’s Hospital 6/2007 – 6/2008
Medical School
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, IL The Chicago Medical School, Doctor of Medicine 7/2003 – 6/2007
Graduate School
Finch University of Health Sciences, North Chicago, IL Master of Science, Applied Physiology 7/2002 – 6/2003

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

Clinical duties:

  • Level I trauma center: Attending Radiologist at a high-volume level I trauma center interpreting all studies performed in the Trauma/Emergency Department, except for brain imaging. I am proficient with CT protocoling of emergent cases including CT angiograms and poly trauma assessment. I supervise junior and senior residents. I am competent at procedures including retrograde urethrograms and esophagrams. I lead the radiology team in clinical group discussions with the trauma and emergency medicine teams for real time patient care.
  • Level III Trauma center: Staffing a high-volume multimodality emergency radiology department including ultrasound and body imaging.
  • Musculoskeletal: Staffing high volume orthopedic clinics for trauma, postoperative imaging, sports imaging, joint replacements, arthritis, and general musculoskeletal imaging. Proficient in Radiography, Computer tomography, and MRI as well as arthrograms and ultrasound guided MSK procedures. This includes professional athletes on NFL and NBA teams.

Research Interests

Funded Research

  • Co-Investigator: Working Toward a Standardized Emergency Radiology Fellowship Curriculum and Enhancing Resident Awareness of Emergency Radiology Fellowship and Career Opportunities. ASER 2016 Education Grant. 2016-2017.
  • Principal Investigator: Using MedU Core cases and workshops during the first month of radiology residency to help improve homogeneity of basic knowledge and act as a primer to promote learning throughout residency. Total award – $10,000. Research participation starting July 2015.

Current Research

  • Co-Investigator – IRB approved. Evaluation of splenic pseudoaneurysm on CT imaging on arterial phase imaging.
  • Co-Investigator – IRB approved. CT Characteristics of pelvic hemorrhage to determine need for intervention.



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