Radiology is a specialty that is at the crossroads of every aspect of clinical diagnosis, treatment and care. Please obtain approval for all studies involving the use of Radiology and Medical Physics services (e.g., interpretation, reporting, processing, establishing imaging equipment performance/compliance etc.) that are NOT required for patient care and are performed for research purposes only. Any studies that involve the non-routine use of Radiology (e.g., in the assessment of a new implant or device), non-routine imaging methods or new/improved contrast methods also need departmental approval.

The Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging review form is available upon request.

As with standard of care imaging, all research imaging performed on Memorial Hermann Health System imaging equipment needs to be read by a Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging Radiologist. Please obtain research pricing for professional read fees by completing the Professional Read Pricing Request Form and email the completed form to

DII Approval Procedure