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UTHealth Houston MRI Center at McGovern Medical School
6431 Fannin St, Suite G-605, Houston, TX-77030
Phone: 713-500-6916 | Fax: 713-500-0698

The UTHealth Houston MRI is located at 6431 Fannin Street. Our building name is McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston. We are on Fannin street next to Hermann Hospital. Once you turn onto Ross Sterling (entrance 18) you will see our building on the right hand side. Continue two stop signs to get to parking garage 4. If you need closer parking you may turn right at the second stop sign onto E. Cullen. There will be a parking garage 3 on your right hand side that will lead underground the Jesse Jones library. Note, if you get to the stop sign at John Freeman Blvd, you have gone too far and missed parking garage 3. Take the elevator from garage 3 to the Street level. Follow the exit signs when you get out of the elevator to exit the building. Turn to your left when you get out of the building and you will see a wooden deck with wooden tables and chairs. Across that deck is our building. Once you enter our building, check in with the security guard and let them know that you are here for the MRI in suite G-605. Please note that we are NOT in Hermann Hospital.

Please bring your insurance card with you for your visit. PLEASE NOTE: Whether a deductible is owed at time of service or not, please be aware that you will be assessed a bill for the portion of the scan that your insurance does not cover. The deductible and the price of the scan are two different things.

For drop off patients: When turning onto Ross Sterling (entrance 18) on the right hand side there is a half circle for patients to be dropped off. Once you get there please call us at 713-500-6916 or 713-500-6915 and someone will be able to escort you into the building as this is a badge accessible entrance only.

Attention: We no longer validate parking. Parking costs are as follows:

0 - 20mins$2.00
21min - 40min$3.00
41min - 1hr$4.00
1hr 1min - 1hr 20min$5.00
1hr 21min - 1hr 40min$6.00
1hr 41min - 2hr$7.00
2hr 1min - 2hr 20min$8.00
2hr 21min - 2hr 40min$9.00
2hr 41min - 5hr$10.00
5hrs 1hr - 7hr$11.00
7hrs 1min – 24hrs$12.00
Lost Ticket/Lost Coin$15.00


Instructions for your MRI: Fasting is not required on the day of your MRI. Please feel free to eat and drink and take any medications that you usually take on the day of your MRI. Unfortunately, we are unable to advise or administer any type of medication or sedations for this MRI. Should need something to help relax you for your MRI, please contact your physician to have them prescribe something for you at the time of your visit.

Please note that this is a magnetic machine, so anything with metal, i.e. jewelry, hair pins, credit cards, and cell phones will not be permissible in the scanner. Some wigs and hair pieces have a tendency to distort the MRI images as well and will need to be removed before entering the MRI room. If we are scanning multiple body parts, you may be asked to change into a gown if there are any buttons or zippers that might interfere with the scan. If you wish to not change, then t-shirts and jogging pants might be best to wear. You will be allowed to listen to music through our internet hook up on the headsets that we provide, however, if you wish to you may bring a favorite CD for us to play for you. Ipods & MP3 players will not be allowed in the scanner.

Please give us a call at the number below should you need assistance with the date of your MRI or should you have any questions.

If you would like more information on MRIs, please click here for useful information.

Thank you

UTHealth Houston MRI team
713-500-6916 Direct Line
713-500-0698 Direct Fax