UTHealth Houston MRI Center


6431 FANNIN ST, STE G-605 HOUSTON, TX 77030
Direct: 713-500-6916 | Fax: 713-500-0698

: The 3T MRI center at UTHealth Houston is located in suite G605 on the ground floor of McGovern Medical School. It houses a state-of-the-art 3T Ingenia Philips scanner and a mock scanner. The mock scanner is useful for training patients before they go into the scanner. It is also very useful for training pediatric subjects. 

The MRI center performs both Research and Clinical scans and takes pride in performing conventional and advanced imaging that are commonly unavailable at most imaging centers. The performance of the MRI scanner is regularly checked by the American Board of Radiology certified Physicist with 35+ years of experience in MRI. The scanner is operated by a board-certified technologist with 20+ years in research and clinical scans.  This scanner is certified by the American College of Radiology. The UT MRI Center is known to produce one of the highest-quality images.

The MRI center is directed by Michael Jacobs, PhD. He can be reached at 713-500-7677.

Scheduling MRI Scans: Please contact Kurt at 713-500-6916 or 713-500-6914.

Research Scans will require a chart string. The charges for research will be determined by the type of grant. Please contact, Vips Patel for more details at 713-500-6915.

Clinical diagnostic scans ordered by a physician will be verified with insurance by our billing specialists and patients will be notified of their schedule and payments.

Ordering Scans: Please fax over a completed work order to 713-500-0698. On the work order, please provide the following information:

  • Body part(s) to be scanned
  • Diagnosis code (please include ICD10 number as well as wording of the code)
  • Physician’s full name, address, fax, and phone number
  • Physicians NPI number
  • Current clinic notes
  • Current insurance information
  • Best contact number for patient (i.e. cell, work, emergency contact)

Physical address of the MRI Center: McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston 6431 Fannin St. Suite G-605 Houston, TX 77030

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding information needed, please give our center a call at 713-500-6916. Should you need a member of Management, you may contact Vips Patel at 713-500- 6915. We look forward to working with your facility and providing the utmost care for your patients.

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3T MRI Center

MRI Center Contacts:

Michael A. Jacobs, PhD – Director of the MRI Center 713-500-7677 Michael.A.Jacobs@uth.tmc.edu 

Vips Patel-MRI Tech and Facility Manager 713-500-6915 vipulkumar.s.patel@uth.tmc.edu

Kurt Simon- Administrative Assistant /Patient Services 713-500-6916 kurt.e.simon@uth.tmc.edu