American Board of Radiology (Board Certified 2016)
ACLS/BLS (valid through 3/2019)


Medical School
Doctor of Medicine, 2010 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX
Internal Medicine, 2010-2011 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX
Radiology 2011-2015 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Areas of Interest

Research Interests

**Faculty profiles will only highlight current information (the last three years). 

Research Projects

HSC-MS-22-1102               11/2023-11/2024           Co-investigator
UTHealth (IRB)
Antithrombin to Improve Thromboprophylaxis and Reduce the Incidence of Trauma-Related Venous Thromboembolism (TRAIT).

NASH liver imaging with Perspectum (Preparation to start; collaboration with Dr. Machicao (Hepatologist).

Athersys spleen imaging in stroke patients with Dr. Sean Savitz, 7/2021-present Assessing quality of ultrasound scans and confirming measurement of spleen.


**Faculty profiles will only highlight current information (the last three years). 


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  14. Khanal A, Rupesh G, Ocazionez D, Okpara R, Shiralkar KG, Thupili C, Chua SS. Demystifying vascular compression syndromes: Sequeezing the vessels. Accepted. SAR 2024, Hollywood, FL.

Other Professional Communications (Peer Reviewed)

  1. Davila A, Chua SS, Shiralkar KG. IgG4 related disease mimicking malignancy.
    Case in Point. ACR. Published on Jan 22, 2021. (CME).
  2. Ali A, Ferguson E, Chua S. AMSER case of the month Dec 2021. Ganglioneuromas.
  3. Khadivi A, Chua SS, Shiralkar K, Sellers HH. Mirizzi syndrome. RSNA case collection. DOI.10.1148/cases. 20227122. 
  4. Dannapeneni H, Choi JM, Ocazionez-Trujillo D, Chua SS. Aggressive atypical metastatic papillary thyroid cancer with BRAF mutation. Case in Point. ACR. Published on Nov 16, 2022. (CME). Designated November 2022 Case of the month.