Pediatric Radiologist and Pediatric Interventional Radiologist

Assistant Professor, McGovern Medical School

Certification and Licenses

  • American Board of Radiology: certified Sep 2022

Professional Societies

  • American College of Radiology
  • Society of Interventional Radiology
  • Society of Pediatric Interventional Radiology
  • The Society for Pediatric Radiology
  • International Society on Study of Vascular Anomalies (ISSVA)

Awards and Grants

  • Best poster presentation: High grade intraepithelial Neoplasia (HGPIN) in African American men: should immediate re-biopsy be recommended? – AUA, New Orleans,
  • Michigan State University State Campus System (MSU-SCS) $2000 research grant for : High Grade Intraepithelial Neoplasia (HGPIN) in African American men: should immediate re-biopsy be recommended?


Pediatric Vascular and Interventional Radiology Fellowship
Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. 2022-2023
Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology Fellowship
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 2021-2022
Diagnostic Radiology Residency
Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University, Detroit 2017- 2021
General Surgery - Internship
Detroit Medical Center/Wayne State University 2016- 2017
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid Jordan 2007- 2013

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests


Pediatric Interventional Radiology and Pediatric Imaging

Clinical Interest

Arteriovenous Malformations, Venous Malformations, Lymphatic Malformation, overgrowth syndromes associated with vascular anomalies. Pediatric Oncology. Imaging of Vascular Anomalies.



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Accuracy of Low Dose Computed Tomography Scanogram for Measurement of Femoral Version after Locked Intramedullary Nailing. Hultman KL, Vaidya R, Malkawi I, Carlson JB, Wynberg JB. Int Orthop. 2015 Nov 17. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 26572887
  2. Direct Visual Internal Urethrotomy after Failed Bulbar Urethroplasty.Warner JN, Jun MS, Malkawi IM, Santucci RA (2015-October). Med Surg Urol 4:154. doi:10.4172/2168-9857.1000154. Link
  3. A Multi-institutional Evaluation of the Management and Outcomes of Long-segment Urethral Strictures. Jonathan N. Warner, Ibraheem Malkawi, Mohammad Dhradkeh, Pankaj M. Joshi, Sanjay B. Kulkarni, Massimo Lazzeri, Guido Barbagli, Ryan Mori, Kenneth W. Angermeier, Oscar Storme, Rodrigo Campos, Laura Velarde, Reynaldo G. Gomez, Justin S. Han, Christopher M. Gonzalez, David Martinho, Anatoliy Sandul, Francisco E. Martins, Richard A. Santucci. Urology, Volume 85, Issue 6. Received: December 1, 2014; Accepted: January 5, 2015; Published Online: April 10, 2015. PMID: 25868738
  4. Low Dose (10%) Computed Tomography (Ct) Is Inferior To Standard Dose Ct In The Evaluation Of Acute Renal Colic In The Emergency Room (ER) Setting Ibraheem Malkawi, Esther Han, Chris Atallah, Brian O’Neil, Richard Santucci, Jason Wynberg (submitted, Journal of Endourology)
  5. Peyronie’s Disease is common in poorly controlled diabetics but is not associated with the Metabolic Syndrome. Mohamad Habous, Ibraheem Malkawi, Esther Han, Gordon Muir, Ben Williamson, Alaa Tealab, Mohammed Nassar, Saad Mahmoud, Osama Abdelwahab, Saleh Binsaleh, Richard Santucci (submitted, Journal of Sexual Medicine)
  6. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment For Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome Has Poor Efficacy (Arab journal of urology)

Peer Reviewed Journal Abstract

  1. MP15-18 Predictive Value Of Post-Urethroplasty Voiding Cystourethrogram. Daniel Stein, Ibraheem Malkawi, Richard Santucci. The Journal of Urology, Vol. 193, Issue 4, e166. Published April, 2015
  2. MP86-20 High Grade Intraepithelial Neoplasia (Hgpin) In African American Men: Should Immediate Re-Biopsy Be Recommended? Ibraheem Malkawi, Min Jun, Lira Chowdhury, Ranko Miocinovic.The Journal of Urology, Vol. 193, Issue 4, e1083. Published April, 2015
  3. MP42-11 Active Surveillance Acceptance Rate Among African American Men With Low Risk Prostate Cancer At A Tertiary Care Center. Ibraheem Malkawi, Scott Hughes, Roy Miller, Ranko Miocinovic. The Journal of Urology, Vol. 193, Issue 4, e512. Published in issue: April 2015
  4. PD14-10 A Multi institutional Evaluation Of The Management And Outcomes Of Long Segment And Panurethral Strictures. Jonathan Warner, Ibraheem Malkawi, Panjak Joshi, Sanjay Kulkarni, Guido Barbagli, Massimo Lazzeri, Ryan Mori, Kenneth Angermeier, Justin Han, Christopher Gonzalez, Fransisco Martins, Reynaldo Gomez, Richard Santucci. The Journal of Urology, Vol. 193, Issue 4, e322. Published in issue: April 2015

Oral and poster Presentations

  1. A Multinstitutional Evaluation of the Management and Outcomes of Long Segment and Panurethral Strictures – North Central Section of the AUA, Chicago, September 2014.
  2. High grade intraepithelial Neoplasia (HGPIN) in African American men: should immediate re-biopsy be recommended? – AUA, New Orleans, 2015.
  3. Active surveillance acceptance rate among African American men with low risk prostate cancer at a tertiary care center – AUA, New Orleans, 2015.
  4. Research: what a resident needs to know. – Grand Rounds presentation.
  5. Increasing Fluoroscopy Time Documentation Within Radiology Reports – Practice Quality Improvement – March 2018
  6. Educational Poster: The Coracoid Process, Illuminating the Lighthouse of the Shoulder – Society of Pediatric Radiology Annual Meeting – Colorado – 2022