Neuroradiology/Advanced Neuroradiology

The Neuroradiology Fellowship program is a one-year ACGME accredited program dedicated to compassionate patient care and procedural skills, medical knowledge of established and evolving sciences, implementing quality improvement methods, interpersonal and communication skills, professional responsibility, and demonstrate awareness and provide optimal health care.

Our program is based at the Texas Medical Center (TMC) in Houston, Texas. The TMC is a large medical complex and has pioneered patient care, research, education, and prevention since 1945. Today, TMC includes: 21 renowned hospitals, 13 support organizations, 8 academic and research institutions, 6 nursing programs, 3 public health organizations, 3 medical schools, 2 universities, 2 pharmacy schools, and a dental school.

The Neuroradiology Fellowship goal is to offer Fellows specialized training in imaging and invasive procedures, to develop progressively independent skills in performance and interpretation of neuroradiologic imaging studies and invasive procedures, all while taking pride in building future leaders in our emerging field.