Dr. Jones is board-certified in both internal medicine and emergency medicine. She has had many roles in her career: EMS Medical Director, Emergency Medicine course director, Clinical Skills course director, American Heart Association Regional faculty, and USAID Medical Exchange project director in Vladivostok, Russia.  Dr. Jones was EM faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia before joining the University of Texas in 1999.

Dr. Jones has been the ED representative on the UT Stroke Team for the past ten years and a co-investigator of the SPOTRIAS grant. Dr. Jones is the principal  investigator of the Houston hub of the Neurological Emergency Treatment Trials (NETT) grant. This NIH-sponsored program has established seventeen centers around the country to conduct large-scale phase-III trials involving neurological emergencies including stroke, status epilepticus and traumatic brain injury. The Houston hub has been very successful in initiating trials quickly, recruiting patients, ensuring cooperation with other services, and following patients and managing data. Dr. Jones is an active participant in the NETT organization, serving on the NETT Operations Committee and the Hub-Spoke Relations Committee. She is a co-investigator of two ancillary studies of the RAMPART trial and is helping to plan the European-US Status Epilepticus Treatment Trial (ESETT).


LSU, New Orleans
Internal Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University
Internal Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University
Emergency Medicine, Carolinas Medical Center

Areas of Interest

Clinical Interests

Neurological emergencies

Research Interests

Stroke; Traumatic brain injury; Status epilepticus

Dr. Jones research interests are neurological emergencies including status epilepticus, stroke and traumatic brain injury.  She is the principal investigator of the Southeast Texas Hub of the Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trial network (NETT).  The Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials network is an NIH-funded consortium 17 hubs working together to perform large studies of different neurological emergencies.  Dr. Jones is also an active member of the UT Health Stroke Team and collaborates with this group to conduct acute stroke trials.  She is currently working through the NETT to develop a trial to determine the best second-line treatment for status epilepticus.