Meet our Fellows

Heather Renfro, MD

Hometown: Houston

Residency: University of Chicago

Fun Fact: I can’t bite ice or ice cream with my front teeth

Why UTHealth: Since I was a Junior at DeBakey High School for Health Professions, it has been my dream to be a Memorial Hermann physician. We performed clinicals at MHH and I fell in love with the hospital and the residents. UT Health produces phenomenal clinicians, and I am excited to expand my practice via this EMS fellowship.




Travis Goodloe, MD

Hometown: Mobile, AL

Residency: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Fun fact: My first exposure to emergency medicine was through my grandfather who was an emergency medicine physician. As a child, I remember hearing his stories from the emergency department. Where I am today has a lot to do with his influence!

Why UTHealth: I was initially attracted to the EMS Fellowship program at UTHealth Houston because I was looking for a fellowship experience where I would have the opportunity to be engaged in medical direction at the highest level. After learning about the role that the EMS fellows play within the Houston Fire Department as functional medical directors, I was sold. I knew the program here at UTHealth would be the ideal place to train. The EMS faculty were clearly passionate about what they do, and I wanted to be a part of it!