Vox interview with Keisha Ray focuses on efforts to convince people of color to get COVID-19 vaccinations

By Angela Gomez, McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics
February 18, 2021

A recent interview by Sigal Samuel of Vox featured Keisha Ray, PhD in a conversation about vaccinating people of color for COVID-19. Ray notes “it’s a moral obligation” to get vaccinated against COVID-19, but discusses hesitancy among members of BIPOC communities. She notes that, historically, medicine has not always been kind, especially to Black people, which Samuel reminds includes “a history of exploitative medical experimentation,” such as the Tuskegee experiment. Ray explains that she understands justifications for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy given this history, but that it’s important to consider what forgoing the vaccine may mean for a person’s family, friends, and community, asking “Who’s going to be left to take care of Grandma if we all don’t get vaccinated and we’re all dead?”