Administrative Staff

Please note: The contact information listed on this page are for medical school or research use only. If you are a current patient with a question or request, or are seeking a clinic appointment with a UTHealth Houston Neurosciences physician, please call our clinic line at (713) 486-8000. Or, fill out this short online form, hit submit, and we will contact you. Thank you!

Jeffrey W. Scott
Jeffrey W. Scott
Director, Management Operations, Medical School
(713) 500-6144
MSB 6.156
Marissa Waithe
Senior Executive Assistant – Neurosurgery
(713) 486-8039
MSB 7.146
Meredith Suescun
Senior Residency and Fellowship Program Coordinator
(713) 486-8056
MHMP 2800
Saba Abutaseh
Clinical Trials Manager
(713) 486-7765
MMNP 2730
Nancy Jennings, MPH
Grants and Contracts Manager
(713) 500-8948
JJL 420