Each year, UTHealth Neurosciences hosts a variety of events for medical professionals, past patients and others interested in learning more about neurological health issues. These educational events bring together experts in the areas of neurosurgery, neurology, pediatric neurosciences, neuro-oncology, neuro-critical care, neurotrauma and nursing to present and discuss current topics in the field. From our annual Neuro ICU Symposium to our online webinars, McGovern Medical School faculty are helping educate patients and medical professionals, promoting continued innovation in neuroscience care.

Epilepsy Comprehensive Update & Board Review

The Epilepsy Comprehensive Update & Board Review is an educational symposium whose aim is to educate neurologists, APPs, neurology residents, and epilepsy fellows involved in the treatment of patients with epilepsy. This year’s course will expand attendees’ knowledge and understanding of epilepsy and will demonstrate how to offer top quality epilepsy care to patients.

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Neuro ICU Symposium

The annual Neuro ICU Symposium welcomes attendees from diverse backgrounds and professions within the medical field, and our symposium is one of the most popular neurocritical care conferences in the country. We recently celebrated our 10-year anniversary and a decade of innovation and education. Annually, we will host numerous guest speakers, educators, and friends from multiple academic institutions in Houston and across the country.

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Pediatric Neuroscience Symposium

The Pediatric Neuroscience Symposium is a one day, holistic course will provide updates on a range of neurologic conditions in pediatric patients. The series of lectures will be led by several UTHealth Houston Neurosciences pediatric physicians, including Dr. David Sandberg, Dr. Gretchen Von Allmen, and Dr. Manish Shah, among others.

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Houston Neuroendovascular Surgery Club

The Houston Neuroendovascular Surgery Club (HNESC) hosts multidisciplinary meetings jointly provided by UTHealth Neurosciences. The HNESC meetings gather local experts in Neuroendovascular Surgery, from various specialties including Neurosurgery, Neurology and Radiology, in an open forum for the presentation, discussion, and analysis of interesting neurovascular and interventional cases. HNESC meetings are case-driven. We expect to receive case submissions of which the most interesting will be selected for oral presentation.

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